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ALCL Questions & answers (Q&A)

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You may have heard in the media about a rare form of breast implant illness and cancer that can be caused by certain types of Allergan textured breast implants. This was first reported by the FDA in 2011, but it is now clear that it is more common than previously thought. It is still very rare and appears to occur in 1/30,000 women with breast implants (as compared to breast cancer, which occurs in 1 in 7-10 women).

Many patients have been asking our team at Cassileth Plastic Surgery about this rare disease and we wanted to compile the most frequently asked questions and answers for our patients below:

Q. What type of implants are associated with ALCL?
To date, all brands of textured implants except for Sientra have been associated with this rare lymphoma and the disease generally presents itself 7-10 years after surgery.

Q. What are the symptoms associated with ALCL?
The lymphoma presents with fluid build-up around the implant which results in breast swelling. It occasionally presents with a lump. If you have experienced a sudden swelling or increase in breast size.

Q. What are my options if I have Allergan textured implants?
There is no recommendation to have these implants removed or replaced. It is very rare and you do not need to do anything unless you develop symptoms. If you develop symptoms, fluid sampling is recommended and a screen test called CD30.

Q. Is ALCL curable?
Yes, If this lymphoma is diagnosed it is curable with removal of the implants and capsules – and it is acceptable to replace the implants with smooth ones.

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