Age: 49, from Los Angeles, CA positive strong family history of breast cancer, she had a prior mastectomy. She was unhappy with the look of her breasts and underwent removal of ruptured implants and placement of silicone implants with fat grafting.

Age: 47, from El Segundo, California. Patient had previous nipple sparring mastectomy with tissue expanders placed. Tissue expanders removed, 485cc Silicone implants and Fat Grafting was performed.

Age: 54, from Agoura Hills, CA. Patient had a left breast lumpectomy and radiation 5 years ago. Patient desired fuller breasts. Patient had a bilateral breast augmentation with small implants to help avoid future contracture as a result of a history of radiation treatment. Fat was also grafted to both breasts to improve volume and divots from lumpectomy site.

Age: 58, from Costa Mesa, California. Patient had previous bilateral mastectomy for DCIS with Tissue expanders then after several months implants were placed with fat grafting. Patient desired a softer look, Removal and replacement of shaped implants with fat grafting was performed.