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Fat Grafting and Internal Lift Facts, Myths and Q&A with Dr. Lisa Cassileth

The breast implant business has been huge for plastic surgeons, with over 626,000 implants placed per year. Has this been healthy? Many patients have been wondering the same, as they seek implant removal to cure chronic fatigue, brain fog, and autoimmune issues; but, is that hysteria, or fact? After 20 years in the business of breast explanting, and interviewing and performing surgery on thousands of patients, my goal is to separate fact from fiction, and if we remove implants, to make the breast look just as good as it did with implants, if not better.

Breast Implant Illness (BII) and Breast Implant Removal Questions and Answers with Beverly Hills Breast Specialist Dr. Lisa Cassileth

Breast implant removal cases have been steadily on the rise in the United States. Thousands of women across the country have been vocalizing their concerns regarding breast implant illness (BII) symptoms and their desire for answers and breast explant treatment. Dr. Lisa Cassileth, founder of the famous Beverly Hills practice, Cassileth Plastic Surgery, treats hundreds of patients annually seeking treatment for their capsular contracture, breast implant illness, implant rupture, and other breast implant related issues. She is a breast expert with over 16 years in practice and is the inventor of many break-through techniques in breast surgery including one-stage breast reconstruction, breast implant removal, internal breast lifts, and breast fat-grafting.

One-Stage Breast Reconstruction Questions and Answers FAQ with Dr. Lisa Cassileth

Dr. Cassileth, founder of Cassileth Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA is an industry leader in breast reconstruction. She believes no one should have to live with unsatisfactory results after undergoing breast reconstruction; she strives to make women aware of all breast reconstruction options available to them. Dr. Cassileth invented created her “Direct-To-Implant” one stage breast reconstruction because she felt there had to be a better alternative to traditional tissue expander reconstruction. Dr. Cassileth’s innovative technique allows women to awaken from mastectomy surgery with new breasts, all performed through small incisions.

Your Breast Cancer Journey

Trust Nation’s Leading Breast Specialists During Your Breast Cancer Journey Getting the right kind of mastectomy is critical. The best results are achieved with a nipple/areola-sparing mastectomy or, if necessary, a skin-sparing mastectomy. We work very closely with our breast cancer surgeons at Bedford Breast Center, who perform the mastectomy through the smallest incision under the breast, …

Capsular Conctracture Treatment Q&A With Dr. Cassileth

Trust Nation’s Leading Breast REVISION SURGEON AND CAPSULAR CONTRACTURE BY DR. LISA CASSILETH Capsular contracture is a side effect that some women experience after breast augmentation. After the breast implant surgery, fibrous tissue forms around it, creating a capsule. This is the body’s natural response to a “foreign object”. The tissue capsule is usually soft or …

Four Things Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer

Melissa Etheridge Jolie Comments Unfounded: Four Things Every Woman Should Know About Breast Cancer Breast reconstruction expert Dr. Lisa Cassileth knows what breast cancer can mean to a woman and her family. She has called Melissa Etheridge’s comments on the matter “unfounded” and seeks to warn others to make their own choices before cancer makes …

Big Talk About Breast Reconstruction

Recently the Cosmetic Surgery Times wrote a wonderful and insightful article about the successful Reddit AUA (ask us anything) hosted by our own Lisa B. Cassileth, M.D., FACS, and Kelly Killeen, M.D. In this interview following their lively and popular Reddit Q&A (over 2,100 comments), Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Killeen discuss why women should “expect more” with …

Breast Implant Revision – Is Capsule Removal Necessary?

BY LISA B. CASSILETH MD, FACS Breast Implant Revision – Is Capsule Removal Necessary? Most plastic surgeons say, “never”. A small group says, “always”. Why is this and what is the real answer? The truth is that there are situations where the capsules need to be removed. There are three good ones: 1. The presence …

Breast Implant Illness (BII) – a Rare but Real Problem

Trust Nation’s Leading Breast Reconstruction team for Fat Grafting BY LISA B. CASSILETH MD, FACS After getting breast implants, some women experience symptoms including fatigue, hypothyroidism, gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune symptoms, joint pain, and more. Only some of these women have capsular contracture and are visibly  “reacting” to their implants, and we see many of these women who …

How to Tell if Your Breast Implants are Contracted

My breasts are starting to look weird, what is going on? A frequent consult seen in our office is patients with breast implants who are concerned because they seem to be changing.  By the time patients come to us, they have strange appearing breasts that are firm and painful.  These patients are suffering from capsular contracture.  …

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