Custom Facial Implants: Benefits, Uses, and More

Authored By Catherine Chang

Learn about the advantages of custom facial implants for improving the chin, cheeks, and jawline


Are you looking to refine your current facial features and create more definition in your facial contours? Custom facial implants are an ideal solution for anyone looking to achieve a more defined jawline, prominent cheekbones or improve a weak chin. Ivy-league trained craniofacial specialist, Dr. Catherine S. Chang is a facial implant expert and offers a unique approach for creating custom implants using state-of-the-art computer imaging for exact precision.

Facial implant surgery has grown in popularity, patients coming to Dr. Chang at Cassileth Plastic Surgery for facial implants ask questions that come up often, so we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked facial implant procedure questions below.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Facial Implants vs. Generic Implants

Dr. Catherine Chang of Cassileth Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles offers patients customized solutions for correcting asymmetry with exact proportional outcomes down to .1 millimeter. Unlike out-of-the-box implants, the benefits of custom facial implants include: a tailored result, the ability to achieve perfect symmetry and provide an exact fit. The bones on one’s face are not naturally smooth, and out-the-box generic facial implants do not always fit properly on the bone spurs and grooves of one’s face which can result in undesirable results. Dr. Chang is able to provide exact measurements and specifications to match each patient’s anatomy and achieve the desirable dimensions for facial symmetry.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Facial Implants vs. Injectable Filler

Filler can make temporary, moderate improvements to one’s facial structure but due to its structure it is not an ideal match for bone. For patients looking for more permanent, defined results facial implants are the best solution.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Facial Implants?

Patients who are strong candidates for implant surgery include patients who want to correct a deformity, add contours, elongate a short chin and correct a retruding chin. Facial implants can also elongate the face, make the nose appear slimmer, as well as enhance cheekbones and angles of the mandible.

What Does Check Implant Surgery Entail?

Cheek augmentation can be performed with custom facial implants placed over the cheekbone. The incision is made inside the mouth and positioned to fit seamlessly with one’s natural bone contour. A cheek implant procedure is an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia.

What Does Chin Implant Surgery Entail?

A chin augmentation is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Chang performs this procedure using custom facial implants to reshape and correct a weak chin for an exact outcome. The implant is inserted inside the mouth, near the base of the front teeth.

Can A V-Shape Jawline Be Achieved With Facial Implants?

A slimmer, v-shaped jawline can be achieved with osteotomy bone shaving and custom facial implants. The allows for Dr. Catherine S. Chang to remove a portion of the bone and achieve a shortened chin with a petite, angular look while refining the width of the chin.

Which Types of Implants Can Be Combined?

Custom facial implants can be combined for the chin, cheeks, or jaw, and used together during one procedure to achieve the best facial contouring results possible.

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