Facial Implant Q&A with Dr. Catherine S. Chang

Authored By Catherine Chang

Dr. Chang’s most commonly asked facial implant questions answered.


Do you want to improve the overall appearance of your facial structure? Almost everyone wants to chiseled, more defined profile, cheekbones, chin or jawline. When some of the features are not as prominent or in proportion with other facial features, the face can look less attractive. Custom facial implants can be a great option to correct this and give you a more defined, balanced look.

Beverly Hills craniofacial specialist, Dr. Catherine Chang, is an industry leader and expert in facial plastic surgery with extensive training specializing in face and reconstructive aesthetics. As an industry leader in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Chang offers a unique approach customized facial implants and uses the latest technology to create the most significant improvements in facial structures for both men and women.

Many patients who come to Dr. Chang at Cassileth Plastic Surgery for facial implants ask questions that come up often so we’ve a list of commonly asked facial implant questions for our patients for your convenience.

Q. How do I know if I am a good candidate for a chin augmentation?
Ideal candidates for facial implants are anyone who wants to improve the appearance under the eye, on the cheeks, chin, around the nose, or temples.

Q. What is the downtime for a chin augmentation?
The procedure itself is typically 1 hour. Recovery time for a facial implants can be 1-2 weeks. The results will continue to look better and better over the course of 1 year.

Q. What is the success rate of this procedure?
Custom facial implants have a high success rate because they are perfectly shaped to the patient’s bone structure. Unlike breast implants, the risk is extremely low, less than 1% for infections because the implants lock into place onto the person’s anatomy. This procedure can create one of the most significant improvements to a patient’s overall appearance.

Q. What changes to my appearance can I expect?
Unlike injectable facial sculpting, facial implants are a permanent solution. Results from facial implants can be subtle but make a huge difference in a patient’s overall facial appearance by providing more facial symmetry and helping them achieve an ideal profile.

Read more about Dr. Chang’s facial studies in her new book Atlas of Facial Implants.

Q. What is different about your techniques for chin augmentations?
Dr. Chang uses 3-D vectra imaging and a CT scan of the skull to get exact measurements. She then custom designed the facial implant for each patient. The implants are then 3-D printed for each patient. This highly detailed process ensures the implant will align perfectly to the patients bone structure for a seamless fit.

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