Facelift What to Expect: Procedure, Recovery Time, and More

Authored By Sarmela Sunder MD

Dr. Sarmela Sunder answers commonly asked facelift questions for the procedure and recovery time


As we age, we all want to achieve a more youthful appearance. Stopping the clock on facial aging involves a mix of few things including lifestyle, diet, exercise, anti-aging products, and cosmetic procedures.

Many patients visit Dr. Sarmela Sunder of Cassileth Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills for facelift procedures including mini facelifts, full facelifts, lower facelifts, and non-surgical facelift procedures. With over 8 years devoted to studying the face and neck, Dr. Sunder is a true facelift specialist who performs them regularly for patients from around the world. Her work is renowned by her patients and strong social media following. Dr. Sunder offers expertise in facial plastic surgery and artistry; She Is able to enhance each patient’s unique anatomy and make them look years younger while addressing signs of aging including: correcting excess sagging skin, tightening drooping jowls, and smoothing wrinkles.

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions Dr. Sunder generally gets asked by patients considering the procedure below.

What Does Your Facelift Procedure Entail?

Dr. Sunder works with each of her patients to create a customized treatment plan that will allow the patient to achieve the best results with the least amount of procedures. She believes in beautiful, natural-looking results and never over tightens the skin. The goal with her facelifts is to tighten the underlying tissue but not the skin. She also recommends specific laser treatments in conjunction with her facelift procedures for optimal results.

Where are the Facelift Incisions?

For a full facelift, the incision is around the forehead, behind the ear, and inside the hairline. During a full facelift, other surgical procedures may be done including a brow lift, upper eyelid surgery, or lower eyelid surgery. Incisions inside the eyelid crease may be done for an upper eyelid life or incisions can be done under the lash line for a lower eyelid lift.

For a mini-facelift the incisions start in front of the ear and wrap around the ear. The incisions are minimally invasive and do not go back around the hairline.

For a lower facelift the incisions star under the hairline and go along the ear, to the back of the ear and them back into the lower hairline.

What Is The Level of Discomfort?

Most of Dr. Sunder’s patients experience little to no pain the day after surgery. We provide specialized aftercare instructions to eliminate swelling and discomfort. Dr. Sunder’s team also recommends supplements to help with swelling and bruising after facelift surgery.

What Is The Recovery Time For A Facelift?

Recovery time for Dr. Sunder’s facelift procedure is anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. During the first week, patients may be swollen and experience some bruising. During the 2nd week patients may be able to be out in public comfortably. During the 3rd week recovery is optimal and patients may resume normal day to day activities. It is important to note that recovery time varies from patient to patient depending on medical condition, age, and other factors that can affect the recovery time.

After the procedure patients are advised to keep their head elevated while sleeping, apply a cold compress when needed and avoid strenuous activity exercise. Cassileth Plastic Surgery offers complimentary skin care products to help with recovery and overall maintenance of your facelift results.

Words From Our Patients:

“Are you looking for the best facial plastic surgeon in the area? Dr. Sunder is the choice. She performed an upper eyelid lift, neck lift and lower facelift on me three months ago. I am thrilled with the results. I look refreshed but not “done” and recovery was exactly as she described. Follow up care was and still is exceptional. Dr. Sunder is an extremely talented facial plastic surgeon who is also kind, calm, and honest regarding procedures/expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Sunder as she is the best in her field.” -Laurie D.

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