Rhinoplasty Procedure and Recovery Time

Authored By Sarmela Sunder MD

Dr. Sunder answers questions about advanced techniques in rhinoplasty and recover time, and more


Sometimes we can often be critical about certain characteristics of our nose. Nose surgery is an ideal procedure for patients looking to refine a dorsal hump, bulbous tip, or nostrils. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sarmela Sunder of Cassileth Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills is a rhinoplasty expert with over 8 years devoted to studying the face and neck. As a top rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills, she often has famous influencers coming to her for face enhancements and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Sunder’s rhinoplasty techniques are meticulous and achieve beautiful, natural results for patients with all types of nasal issues or breathing problems.

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions Dr. Sunder often gets asked by patients wishing to undergo rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills below.

What is the difference between open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty?

Open rhinoplasty involves an incision at the base of the columella which exposes the cartilage for more exact results and refinement due to better visualization. This is ideal for addressing a deviated septum, improving breathing, and addressing larger areas of correction such as dorsal humps.

Closed rhinoplasty involves an incision inside the nostril and is not visible. This is great for minor tip refinement and bone changes. Because this method is less invasive, patients can sometimes have a quicker recovery as well.

How quickly will I see results on my nose?

If a hump was removed, patients can see results immediately after the cast is removed. For tip refinement, such as correcting a bulbous tip, the results may take a while longer to see a noticeable difference. This refinements can sometimes be millimeters in difference, so optimal results will be seen after the swelling subsides.

What is your technique for reshaping the nose?

Dr. Sunder uses 3-D Vectra imaging with her rhinoplasty patients to determine what is the best approach to achieving the results they are looking for. Reshaping the nose involved many fine details including but not limited to determining the size of the nose to suit the patient’s anatomy, addressing any breasting issues, refinement of the nasal bones, and refinement of the nasal tip. She uses a meticulous technique to chisel the ideal shape, removing any hump, bulbous tip, and reshaping the patient’s cartilage. Sometimes a patient may want a higher or larger nose bridge, in which case Dr. Sunder will add height to the nose by grafting cartridge from the ear or rib.

What is the downtime and recovery for a nose job?

Downtime for a nose job is typically 1 week. After the first week the cast is removed and patients are typical still swollen for some time however they can resume most normal activities. If an open rhinoplasty was performed, sutures will also be removed at the 1 week mark. Depending on the thickness of a patient’s skin, a steroid may be injected to help bring down the swelling during their post-op appointment. Bruising and swelling will fully subside after 4-6 weeks. However it is important to note that the nose will continue to change and improve in appearance until 1 full year after surgery. Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure and patients can typically go home the same day under the care of a family member or friend.

Words From Our Patients:

“Dr Sunder is an exceptional artist. She is above and beyond caring, knowledgeable and skillful. Everyone in the office is very nice and professional as well. Honestly the best of the best!” –Crystal L.

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