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Custom Facial Implants: Benefits, Uses, and More

Are you looking to refine your current facial features and create more definition in your facial contours? Custom facial implants are an ideal solution for anyone looking to achieve a more defined jawline, prominent cheekbones or improve a weak chin. Ivy-league trained craniofacial specialist, Dr. Catherine S. Chang is a facial implant expert and offers a unique approach for creating custom implants using state-of-the-art computer imaging for exact precision.

Chin Augmentation Q&A with Dr. Cat Chang

BY DR. CATHERINE S. CHANG Thinking about a chin augmentation? Almost everyone wants a chiseled, more defined profile. A chin augmentation can be a great option for patients looking to reshape or enhance the size of their chin. This is generally performed with a chin implant to enhance the size and overall appearance of the chin. Beverly Hills …

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