What Does NeoGraft Entail? NeoGraft Q&A with Dr. Sarmela Sunder

Authored By Sarmela Sunder MD

By Dr. Sarmela Sunder

Both men and women visit Cassileth Plastic Surgery seeking improvement of their thinning hair and varying degree of hair loss. Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sarmela Sunder specializes in hair restoration procedures among many other treatments and surgical procedures. Neograft is a revolutionary non-invasive hair transplant treatment that uses automated harvesting of hair follicles using follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant technology.

We’ve compiled commonly asked questions that patients have asked about this specialized technology and the treatment for Dr. Sunder to answer below.

Q. How Does NeoGraft Work?

”NeoGraft offers a non-invasive permanent solution for candidates wishing to improve the appearance of their hair. Hair follicles are transplanted from the back of one’s head and reinserted into the areas affected by hair loss. NeoGraft takes about 1 year to see the full result and the results as permanent.”

Will My Hair Thicken or Show More Density?

“Your hair will have more density after NeoGraft however the texture of your biological hair will not change in thickness.”

When will I see the full effect of NeoGraft?

“The full effect of NeoGraft can be noticed after 1 year.”

Is NeoGraft really a scar less hair transplant procedure?

“Yes, NeoGraft is a nearly scar less procedure although some temporary marks from the incision may be seen. The technology behind FUE eliminates the traditional strip hair transplant procedure that leaves visible scars. This newer technology uses small incisions for hair follicle insertion.”

Is NeoGraft painful?

“NeoGraft is not painful we prep our patients before this treatment with numbing and oral sedation. We also prescribe pain medicine as needed for after the treatment”

How long does NeoGraft surgery take?

“Patients should aim to spend the day with us during NeoGraft. We generally break up the day into various parts including prepping, harvesting, lunch, and placement.”

What are the benefits of NeoGraft?

“NeoGraft is non-invasive, highly effective, and accurate. Unlike with the older follicular unit transplantation (FUT) harvesting technique, which removes a strip of hair from the back of the scalp, FUE hair restoration surgery leaves no linear scar to conceal.”

What happens during a NeoGraft FUE hair transplant?

“The treatment has two steps: harvesting and placement. During harvesting the individual hair follicles are extracted. After that the hair follicles are placed into tiny incisions in the thinning areas.”

What to expect during recovery?

“Most patients say they had little to no pain during recovery. After about a week, your transplanted hair will be permanently adhered to your scalp. The newly grafted hair will stay in place for about 2-3 weeks before it sheds and makes way for new growth from the follicles.”

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