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Body Contouring

Body Contouring After Extreme Weight Loss

"To be an integral component in the transformation of patients who have long battled with their weight is quite moving." – Dr. Kelly Killeen

Thank you for giving back to me a very positive body image. People always told me it was an achievement to have lost over 110 lbs, but even after the weight loss, I could not stand to see my stomach… Today I have become a stomach exhibitionist, strutting my flat abdominals for all to see. There have been sightings of my bellybutton all over town. Imagine that!!"

Are you a candidate for body contouring?

Do you have...

Excess skin around the stomach, thighs or arms from extensive weight loss? Even after successful exercising and dieting efforts, extra skin may obscure your slimmer figure. Dr. Killeen performs body contouring procedures in Beverly Hills which will eliminate sagging skin and loose tissue.

Learn About Body Contouring

For patient convenience, various areas of the body can be treated simultaneously during surgery. The body contouring procedures Dr. Killeen performs in Beverly Hills are:

Generally, body contouring includes lifts and body adjustments. Patients have the option of selecting one or more procedures, depending on their problem areas.

Preparing For Body Contouring in Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Killeen suggests patients select one or two areas of the body to focus on. Prior to a consultation, we encourage patients to consider which areas may benefit most from body contouring surgery; focusing on one or two body regions may also lessen any stress and the expense of said procedure.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle before surgery can limit downtime and surgical risks; therefore, patients are advised to continue their existing exercise and diet routines. It is very important patients maintain their desired weight for six months prior to a body contouring procedure. Additionally, patients should know body contouring is an extensive procedure. It is vital they are mentally and physically prepared for surgery.

Recovery from body contouring Surgery

All body contouring procedures are different and recovery will vary on the areas patients chose to address. Usually, patients are able to resume light exercise two weeks after surgery. On or around the six week mark patients are able to return to their regular routine.

Body contouring incisions can be large and to minimize scarring, patients may use topical treatments or other non-invasive options.

Appearance After Surgery

Body contouring will unveil a slimmer figure that was hidden beneath excess tissue and loose skin. A more youthful and trim appearance is a result of the removal of excess skin. By continuing to maintain their weight and health, patients are able to enjoy their weight loss in a more flattering way!

After losing about 90 lbs at the age of 26 I had a great amount of loose skin on my belly area and my boobs had gone down south. So I decided to get a tummy tuck and a breast lift… It has been 2 months after my surgery. I look & feel great and I thank the talented woman that did this for me. I wish everyone's experience has been as positive as mine."

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