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Breast Augmentation

Delivering breast augmentations with exceptional skill In Beverly Hills, CA.
Get the breasts you’ve always wanted

"Breast augmentation is about putting the right volume and shape in the perfect spot."

A Breast augmentation is about so much more than just size. The breast specialists at Cassileth Plastic Surgery listen to you, to learn what you want to look like. Our goal is to give you the most natural looking breast augmentation results to ensure that you get the look and feel that you want.

Breast Augmentation Before And After Photo

best breast augmentation beverly hills before and after

Age: 33, from Marina Del Rey, California. Patient had subpectoral breast augmentation with silicone implants - 300cc.

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Your surgical expertise, concern, artistry, and true listening to my desires have left me happier. The breast augmentation results I received are more natural-looking and beautiful then I ever hoped. Thank you for all of it, and for your compassion and time. I am so truly grateful." - Jenny B.

Choosing your ideal breast implant size

One very important aspect to getting the best breast augmentation you can is choosing the correct implant size. Breast implant size is primarily a personal decision. There are several important things to remember when choosing an implant size. First, larger implants are also wider, so if you choose a size wider than your chest, your breasts will look unnatural. If you want to go large, you may want to try high-profile implants, which give you more outward projection with a smaller implant width.

Important facts about breast augmentation Beverly Hills

During your breast augmentation consultation at our Beverly Hills office, you will have the opportunity to try on breast implants by inserting them into your bra. This will give you an idea of how the various sizes will look and feel. To further help you see how you’ll look with different size implants, we will take a three dimensional photograph of your breasts with our Vectra 3-D imaging system. This allows our computer software to project what you will look like with your chosen implants and allows the most accurate selection of your final implant style and size. This is one of the important aspects of your consultation that allows Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Killeen to deliver among the best breast augmentation results in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

To make the most of your breast augmentation consultation:

  • Wear a close fitting T-shirt during so you can get a better sense of how the implants will look.
  • Bring photos of breasts that you like.
guide to getting the best breast augmentation in Beverly Hills

Choosing breast implant shape and texture

Breast implants come in many different shapes and sizes, our doctors will discuss the best options for your body shape and type in order to achieve the look that you want. There are three types of material that implants are filled with: saline, standard silicone and highly cohesive silicone. All are contained within silicone sheeting. Saline implants are filled with salt water many women feel they are "water balloon" like in feel and appearance, most women prefer silicone implants because they feel more like real breast tissue.

The standard silicone is thick, jelly-like in consistency and soft and amorphous in shape. Highly cohesive silicone is firmer, like a gummy bear in consistency, and holds its shape, hence the name gummy bear implant.

    Introducing Ideal Implant®
  • We now offer Ideal Implants, an internally bolstered saline implant with a look and feel more like a real breast tissue. Ideal implants are soft, more natural-looking and less likely to ripple than regular saline implants.

    Ideal Implants are FDA approved and have been in clinical use since 2009. We are proud to be one of a select group of plastic surgeons to offer Ideal Implants to our patients.

    Ideal Implant’s unique internal chambers provide structure, and internal support for the saline – for a more natural look and feel.

    Ideal Breast Implant Diagram
  • To learn more about these implants, schedule a consultation to come see and feel these breast implants for yourself, and compare them to traditional saline implants.

    Cohesive gel implants:
  • Allergan Natrelle INSPIRA Round Gel Breast Implant – designed for increased fullness and a soft feel. The implant is great for someone who wants a lot of fullness, and for women who want larger breasts. Because the implant is filled a bit more, it makes it ideal for thin patients because it minimizes visible rippling.

    Allergan Natrelle INSPIRA Round Gel Breast Implant

    Allergan Natrelle INSPIRA Round Gel Breast Implant

  • Shaped Cohesive Gel - These are fuller on the bottom, where a breast is naturally fuller, and are intended to look more natural. These implants are slightly heavier, denser and hold their shape in any position. They have the least amount of rippling, so for thin patients with little or no breast tissue, these may be a good option. Cohesive gel shaped implants are also called teardrop implants or gummy bear implants.

    Gummy Bear Implant

    Allergan Natrelle 410 implant

  • Round implants: These are equally full on the top and bottom of the breast. They have a flat back side that goes against the chest wall (if the implant is placed in the sub-mammary position).

  • Low profile breast augmentation
    Low profile implant - typically best for women with broader chests, or those who want a small breast augmentation.

  • Moderate profile breast augmentation
    Moderate profile implant - used for most patients, accommodate a standard augmentation size.

  • High profile breast augmentation
    High profile implant - these implants are best for patients that have a very narrow chest, or for patients that want a large breast augmentation.

Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Options

Breast Implant Placement: Subpectoral vs. Submammary

Implant placement is essential for a great breast augmentation. Breast implants can be placed in two different layers: under the chest muscle, ("subpectoral") or over the muscle, called "submammary." At Cassileth Plastic Surgery, we typically place the implant under the muscle because with subpectoral implants:

Breast Augmentation Implant Location

With a breast augmentation using subpectoral breast implants:

  • The breast implant tends to stay in its position over the long term
  • Mammograms are more accurate
  • Visible rippling is less likely
  • The breast appears to be more natural, especially in those with thin skin
  • The risk of capsular contracture is lower

At Cassileth Plastic Surgery, we will make sure your breast augmentation has the implant placed in a manner that makes the most sense for you.

Vectra 3D Breast Augmentation Simulator

During the consultation for a breast augmentation you will be able see what your results may look like before and after your breast augmentation with our state of the art Vectra 3D Imaging System. We will use the Vectra 3D to take a high-resolution 3d image of you, where it can be digitally altered to simulate the results of different size breast implants.

You can view videos below of women talking about their experience with the Vectra 3-D system and how it helped them to make their decision about breast implant size. Click to learn more about the Vectra 3-D system.

Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation with Vectra 3D

Vectra 3D - Charlene from Canfield Scientific.

Breast Augmentation Simulator

What to expect after your breast augmentation

Our doctors will perform your breast augmentation in Beverly Hills at our on-site, out-patient surgical suite. We offer the local pain medication, Exparel®, which is administered during surgery. It lasts for three days and reduces post-operative pain dramatically such that you may not need any oral pain medication after surgery! Even if you feel great, we still ask that you take it easy after you surgery.

When you arrive home, it's important to lie down and rest with pillows to support your back and arms. Make sure your medications are within reach, and have a bag of ice to place over your breasts during the first 48 hours.

Your breasts will be supported by a surgical bra and or elastic bandage. For the first few days, leave the bra and or dressings in place and do not shower. Get plenty of rest and do not exercise or lift anything over 10 pounds. You can gently stretch and move your arms to keep your muscles loose and flexible. To promote blood circulation, you can walk around the house when you are feeling up to it.

It's important to have someone with you for at least the first night after your breast augmentation. Arrange to have a friend drive you to your first post-operative visit. You will be able to drive again when you are off all pain medication and are cleared to do so by the doctor.

At your first post-operative visit, your dressing will be removed, and you'll get to see your new breasts. They may tend to sit high on your chest, which is perfectly normal and results from swelling of the pectoral muscle. In a few weeks, your implants will settle into their correct position. Some bruising and swelling is also normal and expected.

During your first post-op appointment, we will prescribe a bra for you to wear as you continue to heal. It is very important to wear it as directed, as it will help ensure proper implant placement and healing. It is okay to take the bra off for an hour or so each day so you can shower.

Most patients return to work a week to ten days after surgery. However, you should continue to avoid lifting anything over 10 lbs. for 3-4 weeks. Avoid all strenuous activities for at least a month, and when you do resume these activities, start slowly.

To promote excellent healing, at your second post-op visit with Kristen Davis, PA-C, she will review and evaluate your skin and help ensure that your scars heal quickly and as invisibly as possible. We will also, during this visit, start you on a massage program for the implants to ensure a soft, natural look and feel, helping deliver the best breast augmentation Beverly Hills has available.

Do Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Here’s what you need to know about the FDA report linking breast implants to cancer:

The FDA reported in March, 2017, that a vary rare form of cancer, ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) has been linked to breast implants, as reported by The New York Times. ALCL most often occurs with textured implants.

The risk of getting this form of breast implant associated lymphoma is extremely low, it occurs in .02% of breast implant procedures in the US. (From 2011 to February 2017 – there approximately 2,322,490 breast implant procedures were performed, there have been 270 confirmed reports). ALCL is treated by removal of the capsule (the membrane surrounding the implant).

ALCL most often presents as a sudden increase in breast size; if this happens, see your surgeon right away.

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