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Breast Reduction Surgery

Searching for Los Angeles breast reduction? Cassileth Plastic Surgery offers breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles to patients seeking to improve their appearance, boost their self-confidence, and heighten their quality of life.


"If you have extremely large breasts, you know firsthand the tremendous physical and practical challenges this presents. That's why I am proud to offer highly effective breast reduction surgery techniques with minimal scarring. The challenge is to give the new breast a higher, rounder, beautiful shape — and that is where the surgical difference lies. Few procedures offer greater aesthetic and practical benefit, with results that are truly life-enhancing." — Dr. Lisa Cassileth

Breast Reduction Before And After Photo

Breast Reduction Surgery Before and After

Age: 18, from San Diego, California. Patient complained of back pain and shoulder grooving from her bra straps. Procedure performed was bilateral breast reduction.

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What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery (also known as "reduction mammaplasty") is a very popular procedure because the benefits extend far beyond improved physical appearance and feelings of self worth. Other benefits include improved clothing fit and comfort, a reduction in back and shoulder pain, and improvement in sleep issues.

Essentially, breast reduction surgery creates a chest curvature that is in proportion to your overall body shape, and can also achieve symmetry for those who have breasts of different sizes.

When we perform a breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty, we always perform it with a breast lift. The lift repositions the breast so that it’s higher and more appropriate for its new smaller size. After the excess tissue is removed, we then remove the extra skin along the border of the breast and under the nipple to put the nipple into a higher position and to take up the extra fabric that’s now draped over the breast; this creates a pretty, high, perky breast.

Smaller breasts are in vogue – and we’ve seen a corresponding increase in women seeking breast reduction. We are also seeing many younger patients seeking a reduction, as they too, are tired of carrying around the extra weight and heavier look of very large breasts.

Modern Family actress Ariel Winter’s openness with her breast reduction surgery and the ensuing media coverage may have helped increase awareness and interest in the procedure for young women. Our patients of all ages report that the procedure is life-changing for them and that they feel more confident and proud of how they look. Learn more below to find out if you are a candidate for breast reduction surgery!

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if:

  • Your breasts are creating medical problems such as shoulder, back or neck pain
  • Your posture is being affected
  • You are losing sleep because of breast discomfort when lying down
  • You develop rashes and/or infection on the trapped skin under your oversized breasts
  • You are unable to participate in certain activities or sports because of breast size
  • You feel self-conscious about the size of your breasts
  • You have a Body Mass Index (BMI) under 35
  • You want to go down 2 cup sizes or more

In some cases, breast reduction surgery may be covered in part by your insurance company. However, if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 35, breast reduction surgery will not be covered by insurance, and it is not safe to perform. Furthermore, the procedure will only be performed on patients who want to reduce their breasts by a minimum of 2 cup sizes.

For those who do not qualify for breast reduction surgery, a breast lift may be advisable. If you have drooping, sagging, or flattened-out breasts, a breast lift (mastopexy) can give your breasts a more youthful appearance. The procedure can be performed with or without the use of implants, depending on your individual needs and desired results.

Before surgery, our billing team will verify your benefits to see if your insurance covers breast reduction.

For a breast reduction to be covered by insurance, it must be considered "medically necessary." This is determined using the following chart, which is known as the Schnur Sliding Scale. After calculating your Body Surface Area, look up this number in the left column. The accompanying number in the right hand column is the minimum amount of tissue that must be removed from each breast for a breast reduction to qualify as medically necessary. For example, a Body Surface Area of 1.825-1.849 would mean removing a minimum of about a pound of tissue from each breast (or 461 grams). Less than this, and the procedure will not be covered by insurance.

Body Surface Area Minimum Tissue to Remove,
per Breast (in grams)
1.350-1.374 199
1.375-1.399 208
1.400-1.424 218
1.425-1.449 227
1.450-1.474 238
1.475-1.499 249
1.500-1.524 260
1.525-1.549 272
1.550-1.574 284
1.575-1.599 297
1.600-1.624 310
1.625-1.649 324
1.650-1.674 338
1.675-1.699 354
1.700-1.724 370
1.725-1.749 386
1.750-1.774 404
1.775-1.799 422
1.800-1.824 441
1.825-1.849 461
1.850-1.874 482
1.875-1.899 504
1.900-1.924 527
1.925-1.949 550
1.950-1.974 575
1.975-1.999 601
2.000-2.024 628
2.025-2.049 657
2.050-2.074 687
2.075-2.099 717
2.100-2.124 750
2.125-2.149 784
2.150-2.174 819
2.175-2.199 856
2.200-2.224 895
2.225-2.249 935
2.250-2.274 978
2.275-2.299 1022
2.300-2.324 1068
2.325-2.349 1117
2.350-2.374 1167
2.375-2.399 1219
2.400-2.424 1275
2.425-2.449 1333
2.450-2.474 1393
2.475-2.499 1455
2.500-2.524 1522
2.525-2.549 1590
2.550+ 1662

About our reduced-scar breast reduction technique

Our reduced scar breast reduction surgery is a revolution in the philosophy of how breast reduction is performed. Rather than using the skin to hold up the breast, the breast tissue is completely remodeled, creating an internal bra so that the breast sits in a higher position without the help of the skin. The breast tissue that remains is never disconnected from the nipple, which optimizes the possibility of future breastfeeding and decreases the risk of sensation loss. After forming the new breast, the excess skin is then removed, and the size of the scar depends on the quantity and quality of the skin. Skin without stretch marks and with good elasticity can result in minimal scarring.

Los Angeles plastic surgeons Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Killeen often combine breast reduction surgery with liposuction to remove the extra fat around the breast, especially under the armpit, the upper back and over the ribs. This helps the breast to continue to look full even with a smaller size, as the entire upper body becomes more slim and svelte.

This technique differs greatly from traditional breast reduction, which is performed using a large "anchor"-type incision which goes around the nipple, up and down on the breast, and across the entire bottom of the breast. The scar across the bottom of the breast is most noticeable. It may be visible in the cleavage area with a low V-neck shirt or gown, or on the sides of the breasts in a bikini. Furthermore, the skin holds up the breast with this type of surgery, which results in a lower, saggier breast as the final result.

Preparing for breast reduction surgery

As with any plastic surgery procedure, one of our doctors will meet with you personally at her office in Beverly Hills in your initial consultation and thoroughly discuss your needs. She will work with you to develop a personalized surgical plan designed to achieve your specific goals. Measurements and photos of your breasts taken prior to surgery will provide you with pictures you can use for comparison after your surgery is complete.

What to expect after breast reduction surgery

You can expect your breasts to be sore and swollen immediately after breast reduction surgery. A doctor will recommend appropriate pain medications to minimize your discomfort. You will need to keep all activities to a minimum for 2 weeks, and avoid all heavy lifting for up to 4 weeks after the procedure. In most cases, healing is complete and you can resume all normal activities and exercise approximately 8 weeks after surgery. From that time forward, you'll enjoy life free from the medical issues, pain, and self-consciousness that you used to endure. Cassileth Plastic Surgery patients find that breast reduction surgery is one of the most life-enhancing things they could have ever done for themselves!

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