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ThermiBreast the non-surgical breast lift

Cassileth Plastic Surgery is the first in Los Angeles to offer ThermiBreast, a minimally-invasive, non-surgical breast lift procedure.

ThermiBreast Non Surgical Breast Lift

What is ThermiBreast?

This is the new era of “injectable energy”, where a small catheter is used under the skin with local anesthesia to tighten the skin from the inside. This non-surgical device produces surgery-like results, without the downtime.

Designed by Thermi, a world leader in developing temperature controlled radiofrequency devices; ThermiBreast does not utilize a scalpel, and patients are not placed under anesthesia. In a single treatment, a tiny probe gently heats tissue to a selected therapeutic temperature to lift, tighten and round the breast and rejuvenate the skin. The results are gorgeous, perkier breasts with virtually little downtime and no visible scarring typically associated with traditional breast lifts.

“ThermiBreast is an incredible technology and the results are impressive. Patients are getting between 2 and 5 centimeters elevation of the nipple, with no scars at all and no downtime.”
- Kelly Killeen, MD.

Thermi also treats sagging skin almost anywhere on the body including the breast, abdomen, jowls (for a lower-facelift like result), arms, knees, and backs, and other areas that need skin tightening or lifting!

ThermiBreast Lift Before And After Photos

ThermiBreast lift before and after ThermiBreast lift before and after ThermiBreast lift before and after ThermiBreast lift before and after

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