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Breast Reconstruction Revision

Correcting breast reconstruction results from previous surgeries

We see breast cancer patients every week who have had previous breast cancer reconstruction surgery, and who are unhappy with their results and come to us looking for an improvement. Advanced techniques allow us to improve on previous bad results. This is called breast reconstruction revision. Some of these women were treated years ago before new, surgically advanced techniques were available, others are unhappy with their poor aesthetic results. Correcting breast reconstruction results from previous surgeries to help breast cancer patients feel whole and beautiful again is one of our specialties!

Common complaints about previous reconstructions:

Large, unsightly mastectomy scars

Asymmetrical breasts

Badly positioned implants

Divots or hollows

Capsular contracture (hardening around implants)

Our doctors have pioneered many techniques for correcting breast problems, including problems with breast reconstruction. They bring their exacting, painstaking attention to detail and a problem-solving approach to correcting prior breast reconstruction surgery results, in order to give you the natural, beautiful look you desire and the confidence you deserve.

The unsupported implant

A common outcome after mastectomy with breast reconstruction is a breast with a visible implant, and a low, unsupported implant. The implant often feels heavy, and hangs low. When lying down, the implant often hangs to the side and migrate into the armpit. The upper chest is often hollow, and the distance between the implants wide.

The fix: An internal bra is created that holds the implant into a higher position onto the chest wall. Fat grafting is used above and between the breasts to give the breast a full, natural, appearance. If the implant is not fully cohesive, it is filled to a fully cohesive gel to minimize rippling.

The visible implant

After mastectomy, the subcutaneous fat may be minimal and the breast tissue has been removed. This leave little to no iimplant coverage with natural tissue. Fat grafting can be used to cover and soften the implant, allowing for a natural result.

The asymmetry

If only one side has a mastectomy, then that side is often higher and faker than the remaining, natural side. The correct approach is to make the reconstructive side appear more natural, and to make the natural side look more “fake.” We usually add natural fat to the reconstructed side, creating a smooth, fatty, soft, warm layer that blends with the body. Often, the real side needs a lift and an implant, in order to look as close to a young breast as possible. By making the “fake” side look more real, and making the real side look more “fake,” the symmetry is not only much better, but it lasts longer as the breasts will age more similarly, as both have fat, and both have implants.

Breast Reconstruction Revision Before & After