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Patients of Courage - Victoria L

Read the stories of our inspirational patients.

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Victoria – Age 37

"My breasts are attached to me--I am not attached to my breasts." This is what I kept telling myself after my cancer diagnosis at 37 years old. I knew they had to come off. After losing my Mother to breast cancer the year before my diagnosis, and testing positive for the BRCA1 gene, I was not willing to chance a lumpectomy. I'm a television producer, so my life consists of working nonstop and well...producing. I was not about to let the C word produce me.

I immediately started exploring my options. I initially sat down with a plastic surgeon who explained to me what a double mastectomy would entail. I don't really remember much, because halfway through the consultation I started to feel nauseated. I remember words like "Tissue Expanders, Pain, Scarring, Long Recovery, Multiple Surgeries." After hearing all the graphic details, I wanted to run for the hills! Now it was starting to feel like the C word was in more control than ever. I even started questioning my decision to have the double mastectomy at all. I was terrified. In an effort to take back control, I had to remind myself that knowledge is power, and there have to be other options out there. I wanted the surgery, but I did not want to come out looking like a "road map." That's when a dear friend of mine told me about Lisa Cassileth.

I fell in love with Dr Cassileth the moment I met her. She was honest, genuine, and she knew her stuff!! The idea of doing this surgery all in one step AND still looking good was a huge weigh lifted off my shoulders. When I saw the before and after pictures of her patients, I knew this was the right choice. Needless to say, the surgery was a success and I am beyond happy with the results. It is truly a miracle.

My one wish is a cure for cancer- my second wish is for women everywhere to know that this amazing surgery is an option. Thank you Dr Cassileth for putting me back together better than ever!!

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