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Patients Of Courage

Our patients are an inspiration to us and to women everywhere.

Victoria L – Age 37

Victoria came to us after losing her mother to breast cancer, and testing positive for the BRCA1 gene herself. She was determined to not let cancer control her life and opted to receive Dr. Cassileth's One-Stage Breast Reconstruction procedure rather than risk a lumpectomy. She wants to share her story with women everywhere to encourage them to take matters into their own hands. Click here to read her story »

Alice C – Age 31

Since her first visit to our office in March 2008 she has never ceased to amaze us with her drive, determination, optimism and above all her courage dealing with a life-altering experience at such a young age. Her accomplishments are so many and so valuable we asked Alice to tell us her own story. Click here to read her story ».

Mary Beth – Age 51

Mary Beth, a professional photographer, actually met Alice C (above) through a friend. Mary Beth was interested in helping out with Alice's My Vision project. About two weeks after they met, Mary Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer. She also didn't want to have a lumpectomy and radiation because if the cancer returned then that translated to more surgeries and also more breast tissue being removed. "Why am I holding on to these," she said to herself after remembering recently getting out of the shower and catching a glimpse of her aging breasts in the mirror reflection. Click here to read her story »

Amanda T – Age 34

The breast cancer diagnosis at age 34 took Amanda, a singer and designer, by surprise, but did not devastate her life. She attributes what she deemed a "minor inconvenience" to her skilled breast reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Lisa Cassileth. The day after Amanda's double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, she was working in her hospital room. She has her own business. Two weeks after her surgery, she slipped into a low-cut dress, stepped out onto the stage, into the spotlight and sang in soulful celebration to a full house of 8,000 people in San Pedro. Click here to read her story »

Grayce S – Age 63

Grayce is 63 years old and just recently came out of a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. In just one operation, she is complete, whole and happy. "If you saw me on the beach, naked in France, you wouldn't know I had this operation," she said. "My breasts are more natural-looking than I could have ever hoped for." Click here to read her story »

Maria S – Age 49

Just after Maria's 49th birthday in September 2010, cancer surfaced in her right breast. She is a curvy, 36 DD size, so having her breast or breasts removed was difficult to digest. She opted to have chemotherapy first and contemplated that being her only course of action against this first stage cancer. Click here to read her story »

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