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While the goal of any breast augmentation procedure is to provide patients with ideal breasts, breast implants do not last forever. At some point breast implants will need to be replaced or removed. Many patients are concerned that their breasts will sag, or look deflated after breast implant removal. Cassileth Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills is an industry leader in breast explant surgery and use highly specialized techniques to restore breasts to a full, youthful state using advanced fat grafting techniques.

Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Kelly Killeen are experts at correcting breast problems, offering the best results for breast implant revision Los Angeles has to offer. They bring their attention to detail and a problem-solving approach to give patients the results you desire and the confidence you deserve.

Our surgeons will meet with you personally to discuss your concerns about your breast augmentation revision in our private Beverly Hills office and help you determine the best solution for your specific issues. Together, you will develop a breast implant revision plan designed to correct your problem implants and create the look you originally desired. Bring with you photos of breasts you like, and be prepared to be realistic of the size that will be right for your frame. Making good decisions about your breast size and shape is critical to obtaining a good outcome.

After you have received among the best breast augmentation revision Beverly Hills has, plan on relaxing at home the first two days after your surgery. You will be in a comfortable surgery bra that has adjustable straps. You may take pain medication during this period of time. After the first few days, most people are up and around, off all prescription pain medication, and usually have resumed basic activities. However, it is important to avoid all exercise, heavy lifting, and other more strenuous activities for the first three weeks. If you go to work, expect to be more tired during the first week and sore by the end of the day. If your work involves a lot of moving of your upper body, take the entire first week off.

We insist that all patients undergo a six-month scar treatment regimen after breast implant revision surgery to minimize all scars. During the healing period, the breasts often have tight or small lumpy areas where the internal sutures are located. This is common and is most prominent 4-8 weeks after surgery. These sutures are absorbable and any lumps caused by them will resolve. Your breasts need up to 2 months to fully heal and take their final shape. Our team will discuss with you what kind of support and activity you will need during this time.






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