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Butterfly Lift TM

A proprietary, minimally invasive, in-office, scar free procedure: restores volume to the face and improves skin quality.

“Patients love that this is a natural procedure that relies on the body’s own ability to fight the effects of aging. It’s actually empowering …to be able to fight the effects of time and gravity without the assistance of synthetic fillers and lasers.” Dr. Sarmela Sunder

Based on her patients’ overwhelming interest in more “natural” procedures, Dr. Sunder developed the Butterfly Lift™, a scar free and minimally invasive procedure to restore volume to the face, as well as improve skin quality.

This proprietary procedure combines fat transfer with microneedling and PRP capitalizes on a patient’s own fat cells, stem cells, growth factors, and healing cytokines, as well as the body’s ability to regenerate collagen to achieve the final result. The Butterfly Lift™ has become one our most popular procedures.

This a quick procedure, with minimal downtime, without any incisions, and without the need for anesthesia.

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