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“I love a glass of wine or two, or a bottle, or maybe even a box, I’m not picky!”  I also love to eat bread. Bread is so great, especially at the Cheesecake Factory and everywhere else that there’s bread.On the contrary, I work out really hard. Okay, not that hard but I can proudly say I’m physically active and I eat healthy. Does this sound like you?

Here’s the deal sister, I used to love my body shape. But not so much now I’m in my mid- to late 40’s and things change. This mama was wobbling around like a spider, all legs and arms and spindly and lush. I was done getting tangled in my own web of working out without results. So I went to the experts in Beverly Hills wanted the best doctor for the job and found her at Cassileth Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Lisa Cassileth explained everything about liposuction. I was worried about divots and other weird irregularities but Dr. Cassileth uses technology and science to give you a beautiful piece of art; the best you, a smooth sculpted and slimmer you, the way you always wanted to look but even better. I booked my surgery date and had liposuction. I gave myself a strict healthy diet pre-surgery date to ensure that I could get the best results by doing as much work on my health. The best way to maintain your body, duh, is to keep your weight stable through a healthy diet and exercise routine. Blah, blah, blah…I know. So, I did the work and gave my love handles a breakup letter. If you have a lot of weight to lose, try a slow weight loss diet instead of surgery. Liposuction is best for sculpting your curves and should not be relied on for weight loss. The incisions are so small that now I’m completely healed. They are barely visible! My recovery time was easy – 1 week. All patients are different. I felt like I was kicked in the gut when I woke up, but the pain subsided easily with prescribed medication, a lot of Netflix, and time.

Liposuction has been for many years the brute-force method of choice for removing problem-area fat, but it can sometimes leave divots, irregularities and generally uneven results. They use the latest technology to give you a smoothly sculptured, slimmer physique and tighten your skin at the same time. The addition of radiofrequency laser or ultrasound can bring your results to the next level We all have those annoying areas that persistently will not go away no matter how hard we work on it. I always thought liposuction was for weight loss but learned that’s not it at all. Boo. I’ll have to eat the broccoli and say, “no way” on the pile of chocolate kisses on my desk. (She sadly throws away kisses but not the love-).

I realized that likely because of my age, it’s not as easy to lose my middle. Who knew it would sneak up on me? I may be middle-aged, but I still feel young and wise within – so this wasn’t cool. So I got busy working out, listening to Tony Robbins on repeat and throwing out the boxed wine. And guess what? I lost the weight. Yay. Boo. Even after I did lose the needed weight to be healthy and feel like a hero, my shape was very…let’s say, it wasn’t looking it’s finest. I felt like a crazy person, no matter how hard I tried. My middle wouldn’t create the same silhouette I wanted back from before. I wanted to define my shape.

 Apparently, lipo isn’t a weight-loss tool but a reshape and redesign. So I may be blabbering on and on about how I just was so inspired to lose, but no. Listen, sister, we all know it’s not easy to lose weight and look the way we want. But it’s true if you look and feel the best you can be on your own and need help, lipo works. Apparently, liposuction isn’t a weight-loss tool. Nope! A healthy lifestyle is a tool that really blows at first, but once you start you will never look and feel better. Lipo reshaped my waistline, middle, and center. I was a wobbly spindly older spider looking gal no more. I was not very sore after. It felt like I had been punched in the gut, but I wanted to feel that punch to remind me to continue working hard to live the life of my dreams and look the way I always wanted which is awesome and feels so good. When is now a good time to book your own consultation? Now.

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