Thread Lift

Elevate Sagging Facial Tissues Without Surgery in Los Angeles

Sagging is one of the most common signs of aging. A combination of volume loss, internal structural breakdowns in the skin, and gravity causes youthful contours to shift. This natural progression can cause you to look older than you feel and bring on the everdreaded comment, "Are you okay? You look tired." These changes can create a visibly aged appearance in the face—even as other areas continue to appear young and healthy. While surgery is a reliable option, not everyone wants or is an ideal candidate to achieve results via incisions and their related recovery time. With minimally invasive thread lifts at our Los Angeles practice, we can use internal temporary sutures to elevate sagging tissues to create the desired youthful effect without the need for scalpels.

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Instead of removing a patient's loose facial skin, thread lifts suspend the extra tissue by lifting up portions of it. This has the effect of slightly pulling the skin back, which tightens laxity to reduce the severity of creases. The sutures used for thread lifts also provoking a healing response that causes the body to emphasize new collagen production in the treatment area. This is important because collagen plays a vital role in the aging process: In addition to aiding wound healing, it helps to keep our skin strong, voluminous, and supple. As the thread lift sutures dissolve, natural collagen is left behind to continue to provide support.

For many patients, the biggest advantage of having a thread lift—as opposed to a facelift—is the greatly reduced recovery time. Face surgery involves some sort of sedation, so patients must arrange for someone to drive them home from the hospital after their procedure. Most patients also require assistance from a caretaker for at least three days after their surgery, which is not an options for everyone—especially those with demanding work schedules or children at home.

Thread lifts at Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care do away with the need for downtime and aftercare. During your appointment, your provider will mark areas on your face where the thread will be placed, addressing your areas of most concern. Once this is done, small injections of local anesthetic are made in the treatment area to ensure a comfortable procedure experience for you. The threads are then inserted under the skin and strategically placed to provide lift, smoothing of deep wrinkles, and an overall youthful, natural rejuvenation—all without scalpels!

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