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Beauty at Every Age

Beauty treatments for people in their 20's

Beauty Profile: In Your 20's

In our twenties, we may have to deal with annoying issues like acne, unsightly hair or spider veins. These noticeable problems can be repaired with corrective treatment - old scars can be banished with lasers and acne can be cleared with proper skin care.

Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery can soften the first signs of aging and improve the physical characteristics you’ve always wanted to change.

Your appearance always improves with a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet, plenty of exercise, avoiding smoking, and using sunscreen every day. But these procedures—from cosmetic treatments to plastic surgery - can enhance your natural beauty and help you feel and look your best.

Getting Gorgeous in Your 20's

  • Spider vein treatment
  • Erase small wrinkles 
  • Body contouring
  • Breast augmentation
  • Skin care 
  • Apply high-quality sunscreen
Best Anti-Aging Treatments for People in their 30's

Beauty Profile: In Your 30's

By our thirties we’re hitting our stride, even though we may feel as young as ever, we can start to see signs of aging. Our faces have lost some volume and so we see lines and creases. We gain weight more easily and take longer to work it off. For thirty-something women, especially mothers, we notice some stretching and sagging of our skin and more visible cellulite.

Non-invasive treatments are the perfect tools to fight showing our age. The 30’s are a great time to explore injection treatments (such as Botox and fillers), skin rejuvenating lasers and cellulite reduction.

Getting Gorgeous in Your 30's

  • Fill in those “worry” lines
  • Erase crow's feet
  • Smooth out cellulite
  • Get your pre-pregnancy body back: (tummy tuck, breast lift or augmentation, lipo-sculpture)
  • Apply good-quality sunscreen
Best Anti-Aging Treatments for People in their 40's

Beauty Profile: In Your 40's

These are great years! We’re enjoying our families, friends and career success while maintaining our health and appearance. It’s a bit more challenging at this stage of life; we can see more wrinkles and sagging skin around our eyes, chins, and necks, and we’re losing volume in our lips and cheeks. We also struggle with stubborn new pockets of fat that collect in undesirable places.

Non-invasive therapy at the forehead and skin-tightening lasers for the eyelids or brow can reduce the signs of aging around your eyes and brighten your expression. Injectable fillers can improve the contour of your lips and augment facial areas where you’ve started to lose volume.

Getting Gorgeous in Your 40's

  • Neck lift for sagging neck & jowls
  • Increase volume of lips and cheeks
  • Smooth out wrinkles
  • Erase Brown spots
  • Upper eyelid lift 
  • Remove under-eye bags
Best Anti-Aging Treatments for People in their 50's

Beauty Profile: In Your 50's

In our fifties we’re still working hard, and many of us are enjoying our children’s weddings, and our grandkids. Even the most youthful among us may experience a general loss of skin elasticity, uneven skin tone (red or brown spots), deeper wrinkles, a sagging jaw line folds and loose skin in the neck.

But help is here! Stay gorgeous (and natural looking) with fillers subtly placed to restore fullness in cheeks; chemical peels and to smooth skin tone, banish age spots and restore a youthful glow and lasers that tighten and tone skin. For a more advanced anti-aging approach, our doctors offer minimally invasive surgery with natural results that will bring back a youthful look.

Aging healthfully means continuing to exercise, eat right, and avoiding smoking and excess sun exposure.

Getting Gorgeous in Your 50's

  • Chemical peels to restore youth to skin
  • Nose re-shaping
  • Lift sagging arm skin
  • Laser treatments to remove brown spots and combat sun damage
  • Fill those deep wrinkles
  • Mini-facelift to correct facial sagging and hollowing
Best Anti-Aging Treatments for People in their 60's

Beauty Profile: In your 60's

Life doesn’t stop when we hit 65 — in fact, many women find that these are the best years of their lives. Many of us continue to work, others retire, volunteer, travel, and enjoy an active life our parents never imagined. We still feel great, and we want to look great too. Perhaps wrinkles and sagging skin are bothering you for the first time or you may want to enhance the results of previous cosmetic procedures.

If your sagging skin or excess fat is an issue, a combination of liposuction and gentle accent laser will tone and firm your skin. Maybe you feel that the face staring back at you in the mirror looks old and doesn’t reflect how young you feel. A mini-face lift, brow lift, neck lift or forehead lift can refresh and brighten your look and take years off your “age”.

Exercise, eat healthy and avoid too much sun exposure - this will help you continue looking gorgeous and graceful.

Getting Gorgeous in Your 60's

  • Facelift
  • Sculptra to replace loss in facial volume 
  • Neck lift to erase jowls
  • Skin resurfacing laser to remove brown spots on 
  • Your hands and face
Best Anti-Aging Treatments for People in their 70's

Beauty Profile: In Your 70's

In our 70’s many of us continue to work, part or even full time, while others of us are enjoying retirement. Either way, it’s the time to focus on doing what you want to do each day and to enjoy this wonderful time in your life!

It’s a good time to maintain fullness in the cheeks with filler and continue (or start!) with Botox treatments for excess wrinkles, a great under-eye cream is essential for keeping skin hydrated and smooth. Skin resurfacing lasers like the CO2 and Fraxel are great for evening skin tone and erasing fine lines and wrinkles.

And as always, it’s still very important to protect yourself from the sun with high quality sunscreen, especially if you find yourself spending more time outdoors!

Getting Gorgeous in Your 70's and Beyond

  • Fillers
  • Sunscreen
  • Eye cream
  • Heavy day and night moisturizer

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