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Eyelash Thickening Treatment

Thinning Eyelashes

Eyelash Thickening Treatment Beverly Hills

Latisse is a prescription treatment that stimulates eyelashes to become longer, thicker and darker, and is available through our experts at Cassileth Skin Care in Beverly Hills.

Get eyelashes that get noticed

Long, lush eyelashes are a beautiful sign of a youthful look; but as we age, lash volume and thickness decrease resulting in sparse, thin lashes. Latisse is an innovative eyelash thickening treatment that extends the growth cycle of lashes, resulting in long, lush beautiful lashes.

At Cassileth Skin Care in Beverly Hills, we have the solution to give you back the eyelashes you dream of. Come in for a consultation with one of our skin specialists and find out more about treating your thinning eyelashes.

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