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Facial Symmetry & Balancing

Facial Asymmetry Correction

Facial Asymmetry Correction Beverly Hills

No face is exactly symmetrical, although we don't often perceive the imbalances. For various reasons such as birth defects, injuries and illness, facial asymmetry can become noticeable: a curve in the angle of the nose, misaligned ears, a droopy eyelid, etc. Luckily, with innovative non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as various injectables & fillers, facial symmetry can be achieved without surgery.

Regardless of the severity of your facial imbalance, restoring a natural look and usefulness to your features can boost self-confidence and overall satisfaction with your appearance. Our experts have several methods of facial asymmetry correction at our Beverly Hills med spa.

Restore harmony and beauty

At Cassileth Skin Care in Beverly Hills, we understand the importance of feeling good about the way you look. Come in for a consultation with one of our skin specialists to find out what facial asymmetry correction options are available, and we can help you restore symmetry to your face.

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