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Beautiful, Natural Filler Results

Avoiding Obvious, Overdone Filler Results - The Secret to Undetectable Injectables

Filler Technique Beverly Hills

We’ve all seen it in the tabloids and on TV: celebrities with huge lips, and bulbous cheeks who are barely recognizable. Injectables are supposed to help us retain a youthful appearance. Unfortunately, improper and unrefined filler techniques often result in an overdone, obvious look that can make people look ten years older than they did before treatment! We call this the "filler gone wrong" look, and it certainly is not beautiful or natural.

Our filler specialists are trained by Dr. Lisa Cassileth to administer elegant microinjections that are so natural even you will forget you ever had any treatment. The goal is to look in the mirror and love the way you look, not wonder if anyone can tell or feel like you're a victim of filler gone wrong. At Cassileth Skin Care you will never end up looking “done”, just effortlessly young and fresh, thanks to our injectable and filler specialists!

A Tailored Approach

It takes skill, experience, intensive training and a highly tailored approach to produce results that blend in as a natural extension of you. Every injection administered by our aesthetic specialists, is done with careful consideration given to the following points:

  • location of injection
  • amount of filler to be used
  • best filler product to be used
  • alternative solutions (are fillers the best solution for the issue the patient wants to solve)

Our Secret to Natural, Undetectable Injectables

With aging, the collagen, fat, and even bone structure of our faces change by beginning to sag, form wrinkles and lose volume – altering what we see in the mirror in ways we don’t like!

At Cassileth Skin Care, we understand the power of subtlety, and our approach is to replace what is lost, and enhance naturally. The concept of facial fillers may falsely seem simple to others: Look for where volume has been lost in the face and fill it back up. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our injection specialists always start by taking a three-dimensional look at the entire face, examining all aspects and considering the repercussions that a change to one feature will have on the rest of the face. Then, with careful and deliberate filler microinjections, they will subtly improve your skin contours by delicately replacing volume loss. In this way our injectors deliver results that closely mimic natural collagen and physical structure.

When it comes to our clients, there is no cookie cutter approach. By adhering to the principle that less is always more and ensuring that our approach is tailored to the patient in front of us, we are always able to avoid the overdone, unnatural look. After receiving treatments at Cassileth Skin Care our clients are regularly asked why they look so refreshed and rested, like they’ve been on vacation - rather than being asked if they’ve had work done. Cosmetic treatments such as filler should be subtle like a whisper, not loud like a scream. There are a lot of injections going on in Los Angeles but unfortunately, the majority of results do not translate into sophisticated outcomes or age-appropriate beauty, but rather the "filler gone wrong" appearance. The fillers administered by our injectable and filler specialists can give you that age-appropriate beauty and sophisticated look that is so coveted.

The experience and advanced skill of our medical aesthetic team, combined with our care for your individual needs, have earned us a reputation as a premier Beverly Hills med spa. Call us now at 310.278.8200 to schedule your appointment. We truly look forward to providing you with the youthful, beautiful and natural results you’ve been looking for!!

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