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About The Man Plan

The Secret To Why Celebrities Stay So Handsome And Youthful

Why we created it:

The Man Plan was created for busy men that require a one stop shop for all of your needs with little to no down-time. Appointments will be made to help you address skincare problems/receding hairlines and laser hair removal.

Why you should try it:

We will schedule the most effective, safest, non invasive procedures with a plan that will be designed especially for you, allowing you to simply show up for your appointment and enjoy the results.

Hollywood Approved

Because "The Man Plan" does not involve any actual surgery there is little to no downtime. Depending on which treatments are included in your plan you will most likely recover completely within 24 hours. This is a great solution for Hollywood actors who don't wish to have a dramatic change in their appearance while shooting a series, but want to keep their face in a constant state of near-perfection for show after show. The same concept applies to any working professionals or any men and women who need to look their best at the office or at a social gathering the next day.

Personalized for Men!

Why Our Clients Keep Coming Back For The Man Plan

Your Exclusive Personal Plan For Your Skin & Hair

It is no secret that we all have our own unique skin that responds differently to treatments. Over the years we have developed a combination of procedures we are now able to personalize especially for you.

Visible results within 3 months

Little to no downtime

Glowing, younger looking skin

The Ultimate Skincare Cocktail

Our ultimate skincare cocktail has even been featured in a short clip recently which aired on national television. It showed how we help celebrities look and feel amazing the day after a long night out, by administering an IV solution of vitamins and minerals while getting a rejuvenating facial at the same time.

The Man Plan Testimonials

Never thought I would get rid of these old acne scars! Thanks!
This Man Plan thing is incredible. I sat down with the manager and next thing I know I have my appointments set out for me and all I have to do is show up! Can’t wait to get going. Thanks for making everything so easy.
So far so good. I used to get a lot of blackheads on my face and back and thanks to Maya not being grossed out I no longer have this problem. You rock Maya!
Why did I wait so long to get Botox! I look 10 years younger… well, at least that’s what my girlfriend said :) Thinking about a facial. I guess a lot of guys are doing this now right? (Lola asked if she could use what I said as a testimonial with my reply of sure why not)
Thanks for keeping your promise Joy! I had laser hair removal on my back and it didn't hurt at all. Love this place, see you in four weeks!

Endorsed and recommended by our Man Plan Partners

Allergan Clear and Brillant Cosmelan rejuvapen Skin Solutions

The Man Plan Specialist

Meet our friendly medical staff who are responsible for making you look younger and healthier than ever before.

Joy Edwards, R.N.


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