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Birthmark Removal

Being born with it doesn't have to mean its forever

birthmark removal in Beverly Hills

A birthmark describes a benign mark on your body appearing at birth or shortly thereafter. Through innovative birthmark removal treatments at our Beverly Hills med spa, we can eliminate unwanted birthmarks through non-surgical, ultra-effective techniques.

There are different kinds of birthmarks, such as Hemangiomas, Port Wine Stains, Moles and Venous Malformations. Birthmarks are a result of an accumulation of excessive pigment cells; and vascular birthmarks like Stork bites, Strawberry marks, and Port-wine stains, which are patches of increased blood vessels.

Birthmarks vary in texture, size and appearance, and depending on their severity and location on your body, can make you self-conscious.

At Cassileth Skin Care in Beverly Hills, we understand your skin and have the best birthmark removal treatments in Beverly Hills to give you smooth, gorgeous skin. Come in for a consultation with one of our skin specialists and learn more about how you can remove unwanted birthmarks.

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