To make your appointment, call our office at 310.278.8200 or request your appointment online.


Your initial visit to our office will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can valet park in the garage at our building, in one of the local free Beverly Hills parking lots (2 hours maximum) or at a metered parking spot on the street.

Our front office concierge team will sign you in and ask you to complete new patient paperwork (if you haven’t completed it ahead of time). New patient forms may be downloaded here. You will then meet with your doctor so you can get to know each other, discuss your plastic surgery options, and get answers to all of your questions. Your plastic surgeon will examine you and together you can determine the best options to accomplish your desired goals.

Our staff will take 2D and 3D photographs for you and your surgeon to use in planning your surgery and evaluating the results. One of our patient coordinators will meet with you to discuss costs, aftercare, and answer your questions. You will be able to take home a detailed cost estimate for your procedure on the same day.

Our goal is to ensure that you are well informed, invigorated, and uplifted after your consultation. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available to answer you directly or by phone and email. If you would like a second consultation, we are happy to meet with you again.  We strongly recommend that you bring a friend or family member with you.  You will be receiving a lot of great information and often two sets of ears are better than one.


Your patient coordinator will work with you to schedule your pre-operative visit, surgery date, arrange for aftercare, and answer any additional questions you might have. We require a 20% deposit in order to hold the date for your surgery. Procedures are performed at 436 Beverly Hills, our Medicare-certified outpatient surgery center located adjacent to our office.  Remember to bring your calendar so you can look at your schedule.


If you are interested in financing the cost of your surgery, we work closely with a company that can help you. ALPHAEON Credit allows you to move forward today without delay. With the ALPHAEON CREDIT card, you’ll find several different payment plans to fit your budget and help you achieve your goals.  ALPHAEON is offering 6 and 12 month 0% APR.  Fill out a simple application online before your consultation and find out how much you can finance.