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Upcoming Surgery


next steps from today to your surgery date

Thank you for choosing our practice for your surgery. We are honored to take care of you.

Below is an outline of the next steps from today to your surgery date and beyond.


Our staff will send you a pre-operative packet, with information about your surgical procedures, a list of your appointments and instructions for blood work and pre-operative testing.

Please read and review this packet carefully and jot down your questions so that we can address them during your pre-op appointment.


Schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor. It is time to do your pre-operative blood work and get your medical clearance. Have blood tests in the four-week period prior to your surgery (the blood work request form is in your pre-op packet). Let our staff know where you did your testing so we can ensure we have your results at least a week before your surgery.


Your pre-op appointment takes place in our office, typically two to three weeks before your surgery appointment.

If you live out-of-state (or outside the USA) our medical staff will call you two weeks before surgery to go over your instructions.

During your pre-operative visit, our medical staff will:

  • Review your medical history.
  • Review your current medications and supplements (bring list with you).
  • Write your prescriptions.
  • Go over your pre-operative packet.
  • Discuss what to expect on your surgery day.
  • Discuss what to expect during your healing process.
  • Pre-procedure photos will be taken.

You will then meet with your doctor to review your surgical plan, finalize implant sizes (if applicable), and address any additional questions that you may have.

It’s paperwork time – this is when you’ll sign insurance, financial forms as well as your surgical summary packet. Your financial balance is due at this time.


Your surgery will be performed at our outpatient surgery center, located within our office suite.

On the day of your surgery, you will check in to Suite 102 (adjacent to the main entrance in the courtyard). Our surgery center concierge will greet you and help you complete registration paperwork. Your nurse will escort you to the pre-operative area, where you will change into a surgical gown. Your anesthesia provider will meet with you, and answer any questions you may have, make sure that you are comfortable, and begin your IV.

Your doctor will then meet with you to review your surgical plan and draw markings on your skin with a surgical marking pen. Once all your questions are answered our nursing staff will bring you into the operating room. We will ensure that you are comfortable, and the anesthesiologist will begin gently easing you to sleep. Your anesthesiologist will continually monitor you throughout the procedure.

Your anesthesiologist is a trained physician with a minimum of 4 additional years of specialized training in anesthesiology; you will be in excellent hands for your surgery.

Following surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area where you will be closely monitored by our nursing staff for typically 60 – 90 minutes, after which time, you will be ready to go home or to an aftercare facility, if you’ve selected this option.


It is important to us that during your recovery period that all of your questions or concerns are answered quickly and efficiently. One of medical staff will be assigned to you after your surgery for this purpose.



The fastest and most efficient way to communicate with our team is through our Klara messaging app. Klara is HIPAA-protected so you can be in touch with us on your cell phone while still protecting your privacy.

Klara works just like a regular text message

  • You will receive an invitation to Klara via text message.
  • For the best mobile experience get “Klara” from the Apple App Store.
  • Works on any device or system

What can I use Klara for?

  • Instead of calling the office, use Klara to correspond
  • Have to reschedule or cancel an appointment? Do it through Klara
  • Concerned about anything? Send us a photo through Klara
  • Not sure when to stop your medication? Text us through Klara

All staff members can be reached through Klara or by calling our office at 310.299.8242 or emailing us at

We look forward to taking care of you!