Quick Botox Beauty Tips

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There are a many different approaches for achieving a refreshed look, without surgery.  Here are just two of them:

Botox Eyebrow Lift.

There are several ways Botox can improve one’s overall appearance.  Everyone knows it works great for frown lines. But there are tricks that most people don’t know (or won’t tell you!) that can have a fabulous effect and can do much, much more.

Small injections next to the end of the brow release the muscles that bring your brow down. A single injection of 10 units in the tail of the brow raises it as much as 5mm, depending on how strong the muscle is. This can save your upper lid from looking saggy as well as give you a beautifully arched brow.

Accent  for Lower Face, Jowls and Neck Maintenance

The Accent laser is a relatively new device that is great for tightening loose skin. It uses a radio-frequency energy that is transmitted through a handheld device. It feels like a hot rock massage, as the warming energy is transmitted to the deeper, collagen-containing layers of the skin.  This heat tightens the collagen layer, causing the skin to lift – and more importantly, it prevents sagging and horizontal neck lines from ever getting a hold of you. The Accent takes about 30 minutes for each neck treatment. I recommend a treatment every 6 months from the time you are 40 for neck maintenance, and for already sagging necks it may take 4 or more treatments to catch up.

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