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Breast Cancer Reconstruction

"It's exciting and rewarding to provide a new choice for breast cancer reconstruction. Reconstructing the breasts at the same time eliminates the risks of multiple surgeries and, more importantly, helps minimize the sense of loss." -Dr. Lisa B. Cassileth, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Breast Cancer Reconstruction Los Angeles

When a woman undergoes surgery for breast cancer, she can expect to experience the removal of some or all of her breast tissue. Many women find that breast reconstruction after mastectomy is one of the most demoralizing, difficult, and disappointing parts of breast cancer treatment. If you, or someone you love, is facing surgery for breast cancer, then you will need to consider carefully as well your choices for breast reconstruction.

As female plastic surgeons, Dr. Lisa Cassileth and Dr. Kelly Killeen understand the difficulties faced by women undergoing breast cancer treatment extremely well and has become among the top surgeons providing breast cancer reconstruction in Los Angeles and across the nation. Each year, they perform hundreds of breast cancer reconstruction surgeries in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, enabling her patients to successfully get past their cancer surgeries and move on with their lives.

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To find out precisely what breast cancer reconstruction surgery options are available to you, and how best to achieve the reconstruction that you want, click here or call 310.278.8200 to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our doctors.

You have been more than just my doctor, you have helped me heal something inside not only from the loss of my breasts, but from almost dying when I had my daughter. Thank you for all you do, you have made a difference in my life & I will never forget you!"

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What are my options for breast reconstruction?

The options available to you for breast reconstruction will depend in part on your own preferences, and in part on the type of surgery and other treatment that you undergo to remove the cancer. Your options may include:

  • Traditional post-surgical breast reconstruction. With this type of reconstruction, tissue expanders are placed into the chest cavity during your mastectomy, to stretch the chest muscles and make room for breast implants. Saline injections are used over a period of months to inflate the expanders, and a second surgery is required to place breast implants.
  • Cassileth One-Stage Breast Reconstruction. During this innovative procedure, a carefully constructed internal support allows the doctor to place breast implants during the mastectomy surgery. The patient awakens from her initial surgery with breasts that are intact. Depending upon the type of mastectomy, additional procedures may be desired to reconstruct the nipple and areola.
  • Post-surgical breast revision and reconstruction. Our doctors can also help women who have undergone mastectomies and experienced minimal or poor breast reconstruction. Unsightly scars, asymmetrical breasts or poor implants can easily be treated with currently available surgical techniques. Post-surgical treatment can also include reconstruction of the nipples and areolae.

How does Cassileth One-Stage Breast Reconstruction differ from traditional methods?

Traditional reconstruction techniques have meant the placement of tissue expanders in the chest cavity at the time of mastectomy to stretch the chest muscles and make room for breast implants. Women would awaken from surgery without their breasts, and with the prospect of months of saline injections prior to a second surgery. And after two surgeries, women were left with reconstructed breasts disfigured by large, unsightly scars.

Thanks to Dr. Cassileth, there is now a better way.

Cassileth One-Stage Breast Reconstruction allows your breasts to be reconstructed at the time of your mastectomy surgery.

Breast cancer reconstruction surgery results

Age: 40, from San Clemente, California. Underwent bilateral skin-sparing mastectomy with Cassileth One-Stage Breast Reconstruction. The patient had nipple/areola reconstruction as a second surgery and had a tummy tuck as a separate procedure. 397cc implants.

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Because Dr. Cassileth's innovative breast cancer reconstruction technique allows women to awaken from mastectomy surgery with intact breasts, and minimal or no scarring, she has become known as a provider of the best has. She performs more than 200 breast reconstructions each year, and over 100 of these cases are primary breast reconstructions done at the time of the mastectomy.

The Cassileth One-Stage procedure begins with a mastectomy that is performed through a very small incision rather than using the large across-the-breast scar used in traditional mastectomy surgeries. During breast cancer reconstruction surgery Our doctors place the breast implant during the mastectomy surgery itself, eliminating the need for painful and prolonged tissue expander appointments.

The doctor supports the implant using a natural collagen substance called Acellular Dermal Matrix or ADM. This provides an Internal Bra to support the implant. With this method, the breast can be recreated in a more natural position than typical reconstruction. It looks good even immediately after the surgery.

Dr. Cassileth's breast cancer reconstruction surgery technique yields a very symmetric cosmetic result, and can produce virtually any desired breast size. The final scar is minimal, or it may even be completely absent. The results are beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

I was 31-years-old and faced a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. The whole staff helped me heal emotionally and spiritually too. Now that I have the most incredible new boobs with realistic nipples and feel sexier than I did before I had cancer!"

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The Advantages of Cassileth One-Stage Implant Reconstruction

  • Only one surgery – lowers overall risk, decreases cost, and minimizes discomfort
  • Avoids months of painful tissue expansion
  • When you wake up from your mastectomy surgery, you will have whole breasts
  • The risks are the same or better than traditional tissue expander technique
  • Patients enjoy beautiful new breasts that look natural and full

What to expect after your surgery

After your breast cancer reconstruction surgery, you will stay in the hospital until you are comfortable moving around without assistance. This usually means a two-night stay in the hospital. The doctor will see you post-operatively at our office in Beverly Hills. Most patients are able to return home 14 days later. We advise that you make your primary care physician aware of your surgery and that you follow up with him/her once you return home. Your health and safety are our main concern.

Before your surgery be sure to download and study the guide Breast Reconstruction Planner - Tips to Manage a Speedy Recovery from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This planner is full of helpful and important steps to fully prepare for your breast cancer reconstruction and have a smooth, comfortable and safe recovery.

Download the Breast Reconstruction Planner from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons here

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