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Breast Implant Revision – Is Capsule Removal Necessary?

BY LISA B. CASSILETH MD, FACS Breast Implant Revision – Is Capsule Removal Necessary? Most plastic surgeons say, “never”. A small group says, “always”. Why is this and what is the real answer? The truth is that there are situations where the capsules need to be removed. There are three good ones: 1. The presence …

Breast Augmentation: When You Should – Or Shouldn’t – Have Breast Surgery

Whether or not to have a breast augmentation is a highly personal decision, and the reasons women elect to have this procedure performed are as different and unique as the women themselves. However, no invasive surgical procedure is as simple as getting a haircut or a manicure, and while an excellent, board-certified plastic surgeon will …

Breast Implant Illness (BII) – a Rare but Real Problem

Trust Nation’s Leading Breast Reconstruction team for Fat Grafting BY LISA B. CASSILETH MD, FACS After getting breast implants, some women experience symptoms including fatigue, hypothyroidism, gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune symptoms, joint pain, and more. Only some of these women have capsular contracture and are visibly  “reacting” to their implants, and we see many of these women who …

What is the Difference Between a Lower Facelift and a Full Facelift?

People often ask about the difference between a full facelift and a lower facelift (or mini-lift). When assessing the face, surgeons usually think of this area as being divided into 3 general parts: the upper face, the mid-face and the lower face. The upper face consists primarily of the forehead and the brow complex (which can …

How to Tell if Your Breast Implants are Contracted

My breasts are starting to look weird, what is going on? A frequent consult seen in our office is patients with breast implants who are concerned because they seem to be changing.  By the time patients come to us, they have strange appearing breasts that are firm and painful.  These patients are suffering from capsular contracture.  …

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