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Honest Advice and Exceptional Techniques


Trust Cassileth Plastic Surgery as a national leader in innovative plastic surgery procedures.


Our multi-talented team of top plastic surgeons specialize in face, body and breast procedures that enable you to put your best face forward, recreate your pre-baby body, achieve all your aesthetic goals, reboot your confidence and reclaim your power!


Our founder, Dr. Lisa Cassileth, an innovator in the field, developed the Cassileth Direct-to-Implant (one-stage) Breast Reconstruction technique, which allows women with breast cancer to wake up from mastectomy surgery with beautiful, natural looking breasts. Cassileth’s team of top breast surgeons: Dr. Cassileth, Dr. Kelly Killeen and Dr. Catherine Chang, have performed hundreds of breast reconstructions. They believe that women deserve to feel confident and live a fulfilled life after their reconstruction.


Cassileth’s team of exceptional face specialists, Dr. Sarmela Sunder and Dr. Catherine Chang offer many surgical and non-surgical options to keep you looking youthful, acquire the perfect pout, profile or defined jawline. We offer revolutionary 3D imaging during your consultation to show how customized facial implants, fillers, rhinoplasty and facelifts can rebuild, refine, or balance facial features.

Our breast and body surgeons are renowned for fixing other doctor’s reconstructive and cosmetic work. No challenge is too great for the Cassileth team. Problems are resolved with collaborative reflection and input from both patients and our elite team.

Recurring capsular contracture?

We thought about it; we collected data; we defined a successful treatment protocol.

Breast implant illness?

We are currently collecting data for an upcoming clinical study. We remove implants and ensure that the reconstructed breasts are beautiful.

Painful tissue-expansion breast reconstruction?

Not anymore. Direct-to-Implant reconstruction and our SWIM Flap technique are great options.

We are here to work for you, advance through science, adjust, adopt, develop and find a solution. We will not settle for less!

Cassileth Plastic Surgery has built an exceptional reputation as one of the nation’s industry- leading cosmetic and reconstructive practices. Our team of world-class doctors have the technical skills and aesthetic expertise to achieve truly incredible results. As a team of female Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, we understand the unique sensibilities, needs, and desires of our patients.

Whether you are in need of breast reconstruction or desire a cosmetic procedure, our top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons will help you move forward with knowledge and confidence. Our doctor's exceptional surgical skills will give you the natural-looking, beautiful results you deserve.

Dr. Cassileth and staff

Dr. Cassileth

Dr. Cassileth is one of the few female plastic surgeons practicing in Beverly Hills, and was recently appointed as Clinical Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Cedars-Sinai.

Dr. Killeen

Dr. Kelly Killeen is double board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery; she is known for stellar patient care and excellent results with a commitment to detail, and to putting her patients' needs above all else.

Dr. Sunder

Dr. Sarmela Sunder is a board certified and fellowship trained surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Chang

Dr. Catherine Chang is a fellowship trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with a sub-specialization in Craniofacial Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

The Team

Our practice has assembled a team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals to ensure that you receive the highest quality service every step of the way. It is our goal to make you feel at home from the minute you arrive.

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