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What is BROTOX? In Los Angeles, it's common for men to want to maintain an edge by looking vital and healthy despite facial aging, but a typical BOTOX® treatment may not deliver the desired results. "BROTOX" is a male-focused approach to administering the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world, tailoring the treatment to account for differences in both anatomy and goals and to ensure a masculine look.

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How Does BROTOX Differ From Other Treatments?

Treatment Dose

Men have stronger musculature than women, so what works for a woman will not likely make as much of an impact in men. For a BROTOX session, we ensure that the amount of product injected is sufficient to relax the muscles and generate a younger, refreshed look. Our providers analyze thickness, muscle density, metabolism, and more to create a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to each patient.


Men typically have a more angular face than women. Multiple influencing features make up a masculine appearance, including the interplay between the cheekbones, the forehead, and the chin. Older men are more prone to have some hair thinning or a receding hairline. A BROTOX session takes all of this into account. Common treatment areas include between the eyebrows, the forehead, and the areas at the outer corners of the eyes. Neurotoxin injections can also be performed to reduce underarm sweat.


Injectable treatments are ideal for patients who want to look like younger versions of themselves, but what about the man who wants to look refreshed without sacrificing the evidence of the years he's spent getting to where he is today? Wrinkles convey age, but they can also convey wisdom, authority, and experience. Men who want to look rejuvenated, but not 10 years younger, can opt for BROTOX treatments that do "just enough." Some people refer to the ultimate look of a BROTOX session as the "Wall Street Wrinkle," meaning you can still see some lines, but they indicate an active and important lifestyle.

What Do BROTOX® Treatments Entail?

Having assessed your face and listened to your goals, your BROTOX injector will target specific muscles for treatment. Each injection will feel like a slight pinch to the skin and may cause slight and brief redness or swelling in the area. As these expected side effects resolve, your skill will start to smooth out within about 24 hours. Results will continue to improve in the following days and weeks, ultimately lasting about four months, on average.

What Other Options Are There for Men?

BROTOX is just one component of Cassileth Plastic Surgery's Man Plan, which is made up of nonsurgical treatments that focus on uniquely male needs. We also offer FUE hair restoration, and microneedling, and laser hair removal.

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