Buccal Fat Removal

Improve Cheekbone and Jawline Definition While Thinning the Face in Beverly Hills

Fat above the jaw and below the cheekbone (called buccal fat) gives the lower cheek a look of fullness. Fat, pinchable cheeks are adorable on a baby, but can look puffy and give the appearance of a fat face on an adult. Some amount of fat in the face gives you a youthful appearance, but overly developed buccal fat pads can give you a puffy look. Buccal fat removal at Beverly Hills' Cassileth Plastic Surgery makes the face look more slender and elegantly contoured.

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This is probably the most professional and welcoming staff I have encountered. I had a consultation with Dr. Chang, she was the most friendliest, educated, sincere up to date surgeon I have ever met. Dr. Chang was very caring answered all my questions and concerns. She and her wonderful staff made me feel comfortable. She is a genius in her work and a perfectionist I will be doing my nose job with her. I recommend you have a consultation with Dr.Chang. You will love this office. Dr. CHANG cares about her patients and it shows. She has a wonderful team behind her. They all work together to make sure you are taken care of 100%.

What Can Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Accomplish?

More Chiseled Appearance

Removing cheek fat from one's face is an ideal way to achieve a more refined, chiseled appearance that helps accentuate your other facial features, such as your cheekbones, eyes, and jawline.

Accentuate Cheekbones

Removing the fat pad below the cheeks makes the cheekbones stand out for a more defined contour and elegantly refined facial appearance.

Achieve a Thinner Face

Do you have puffy, chipmunk-like cheeks, but are not overweight? Buccal cheek fat removal is an option for creating a slimmer face, as well as changing the face shape from masculine and square to a slender oval, more feminine, and refined shape.

Dr. Chang
Face Specialist

Board-Certified, Ivy League-Trained Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Sub-Specializing in Craniofacial Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

American Board of Plastic Surgery
Dr. Chang

What Does Buccal Fat Removal Surgery Entail?

This procedure involves removing fat from the cheeks to give patients a more sculpted look. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and generally only takes an hour. This minimally invasive procedure requires just a small incision inside the mouth and is generally combined with other facial procedures, such as rhinoplasty. This combination can greatly balance facial features to meet your specific desired final result.

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