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Target the Area Where Signs of Aging Often First Appear in Los Angeles

As we age, skin becomes looser and less resilient, causing sagging and creasing. One of the first areas where the signs of aging are visible is the neck. While some patients see their neck and face age at roughly the same pace, others may find that their neck shows aging more noticeably. In both cases, men and women who want to address the problem can choose a neck lift at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery. Candidates for this surgery may be younger than those who might consider a facelift.

Harvard fellowship-trained Dr. Catherine Chang specializes in facial plastic surgery, drawing on her extensive experience and training to create new contours that look both youthful and natural. She will work with each patient to develop a surgical plan and personalized experience that can include a neck lift alone for appropriate candidates, or a neck lift paired with other procedures. Her ultimate goal is to create a natural, rejuvenated appearance—where the look of the neck matches the look of the face and other features.

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What Can a Neck Lift Do?

Put Attention Back on the Face

A neck that has visibly aged more than the face can draw attention away from the youthful features above it. Creating defined, youthful contours will cause a more cohesive overall appearance.

Tighten Loose Skin

One of the main benefits of a neck lift is its ability to address wrinkles, folds, and other problems associated with laxity. Skin that conforms more tightly to the contours below has a firmer, more youthful look.

Patient Testimonials

Anonymous' Story

"Dr. Chang is extremely patient and truly listens. She was able to deliver down to the smallest detail exactly what I wanted. My scars are invisible and I could not be happier with my facelift! I could not recommend her more!"


Reduce Jowling

As facial tissues shift downward, they can create hanging jowls that soften or obscure a beautifully defined jawline. A neck lift can address this relaxation of the skin.

Remove Stubborn Fat

The area below the chin tends to be a place where fat is stored. Excess volume can create a double chin, and also stretch the delicate skin. Removing the fat—and tightening the skin as necessary—creates a sleeker profile. Surgical fat removal is accomplished with liposuction, though some patients prefer nonsurgical CoolSculpting® or Kybella® for reducing a double chin. Note that these treatments produce gradual results and can complement the results of surgery, but would not be part of the neck lift itself.

Address Platysmal Bands

Parallel muscles than run vertically up the neck can become more pronounced over time, standing out like bands or cords stretching from your decolletage to your chin. A neck lift can make them less visible, so your neck contours are smoother.

Dr. Chang
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Dr. Chang

What Does a Neck Lift Entail?

Dr. Chang starts all of her neck lift procedures with a consultation. This allows her to personally get to know each patient, as well as assess the neck area and face to determine whether a neck lift would truly be the ideal approach.

The neck lift procedure itself involves a carefully placed incision that allows for the removal, redistribution, or reshaping of fat. A neck lift may also involve removing excess skin and tightening the platysmal muscles. The remaining skin is then draped over the new contours and sutured so it will be held in its tighter, more elevated position.

There are some patients who do not want to deal with surgery, but still want to address skin laxity on the neck. Ultherapy® is a device that uses ultrasound energy to trigger collagen production and firm up lax tissues. The treatment is effective, but does not produce as dramatic or long-lasting results as neck lift surgery.

What Is the Difference Between a Neck Lift and Facelift?

Because a neck lift is sometimes paired with a facelift, patients may wonder how the two procedures compare. A facelift addresses laxity in the middle and lower regions of the face, also filling in hollows due to volume loss and creating new contours. Tightening lax skin in the mid-face region can help to address jowls lower down, as well as smooth out creases and folds around the mouth and chin.

Either surgery can be performed on its own, depending on the needs of the patient.

Procedures to Complement a Neck Lift

Chin augmentation or reduction and facial implants can help to further contour the face and smooth the skin, creating proportions and a profile that better reflects a patient's desired appearance.

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