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Custom Facial Implants

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Considering Facial Implants?

 For people who want a significant change in the size or shape of their chin, jaw or cheekbones — facial implants are often the right solution. Custom facial implants can be a great option to give you a more defined, balanced look. Fully customized, “bespoke” implants are used to  create a more sculpted jawline, define cheekbones, refine the nose, and even correct hollows under the eyes and temples.

Facial Implants can correct varying degrees of facial asymmetry. It has been proven that symmetrical faces are rated more attractive than non-symmetrical faces. Most people have slight differences between the left and right side of their face. When these differences are more pronounced, they can cause the face to look less attractive, and can be distracting of other facial features.

Facial implants create definition in the cheekbones, jawline and along the nose giving you a more attractive look.

Custom facial implants can be used to make features such as the jawline and cheekbones more prominent, resulting in a more defined, stronger look.

Dr. Chang uses 3-D vectra imaging and a CT scan for precise, patient-tailored measurements. She custom designs the facial implant for each patient, based on their anatomy. This highly detailed process ensures the implant will align perfectly to the patients bone structure for a seamless fit down to the micro-millimeter.

Ideal candidates for facial implants are anyone who wants to improve the appearance under the eye, on the cheeks, chin, around the nose, or temples.





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