Excessive and abnormal sweating is a serious medical condition for millions of people worldwide. Hyperhidrosis means your body’s normal self-cooling mechanism is overactive. Sweaty palms and feet, dripping foreheads and embarrassing sweat rings under your arms affect just about every aspect of your life – both socially and professionally.

Although some mild-level sufferers are able to manage with topical RX-strength antiperspirants, many are in need of a more effective long-term treatment. Our specialists here at Cassileth Plastic Surgery use localized Botox injections to get your sweat levels down to normal. Botox injections are placed in the sweat producing areas in the armpit, and effectively turn-off the signals to the nerves that instruct the sweat glands to go into action. Sweat reduction is noticeable in 2 to 4 days and substantial within 2 weeks after the first injection. The duration of effectiveness is up 12 months.

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