Treatments for Dark Spots

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There is no single best treatment for dark spots on the face. Though the brownish discolorations are often referred to as "age spots," they are actually the result of sun exposure—not getting older. As we age, the pigment in our skin that naturally protects us from the sun deteriorates, leaving us more prone to sun damage. One skin response to UV radiation is the development of brown spots. At Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, we offer several effective brown spot removal treatments for Los Angeles men and women looking to remove discolorations on their face, neck, chest, or body. During a consultation, your medical aesthetic provider will design an ideal treatment plan for you.

Preventing discoloration in the first place is ideal. This means avoiding overexposure to the sun and routinely wearing sunscreen outdoors, with reapplication of sunscreen every two to three hours. Lighter-skinned people have less protective melanin pigment to begin with, so they are far more likely than darker-skinned people to develop freckles and brown spots. Many of us have fond memories of sunbathing in our youth without any concern of the potential future damage being caused. Now, with long-term research and skin cancer studies, we know that extended exposure to the sun without any type of sunscreen can have lasting effects with delayed presentation, such as brown spots and even skin cancers. Anyone who is dealing with unwanted spots may benefit from an IPL photofacial, chemical peel, microneedling, Venus Viva session, or Clear + Brilliant laser treatment.

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