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At Cassileth Plastic Surgery, we understand that motherhood is a journey marked by incredible joys and profound changes. Our practice, proudly led by a team of female surgeons, is dedicated to supporting you through mommy makeover surgery, a transformative experience tailored to your unique needs. This personalized suite of procedures is designed to address the physical changes that often accompany motherhood and restore your pre-pregnancy body.1


A woman’s body changes throughout her lifetime, especially after she has created and nurtured a family. Mommy makeover refers to a combination of cosmetic procedures that are designed to meet the aesthetic goals of women whose bodies have changed after childbirth, breastfeeding, weight change, or as a result of aging. At Cassileth Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California we create a fully customized treatment plan for each mommy makeover patient. Our highly experienced board-certified body and breast contouring specialists offer women surgical and non-surgical solutions for common post-baby body woes, including breasts that have changed size or shape, stubborn fat around the abdomen, separated abdominal muscles, loose skin, and more. Learn more about why women choose to have a mommy makeover.


Do you long for your pre-baby body? Women who wish to reverse the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding often seek mommy makeover surgery as a pathway to enhanced self-confidence and well-being. Ideal candidates for a mommy makeover are those who have experienced changes in their body due to childbearing, such as excess fat deposits and stretched abdominal skin that don’t respond to diet and exercise. These procedures are best suited for individuals who are in good general health, have reached a stable weight post-pregnancy, and do not plan to become pregnant again. This ensures the results of the makeover are long-lasting. Your journey begins with an initial consultation, where your goals and the changes you wish to see are discussed in detail. This is a crucial step in creating a customized plan that aligns with your aspirations for a renewed sense of self and physical rejuvenation. 2

"Your life really changes after you have kids. You devote your time and energy to taking care of your children, following up on their care and making sure they're well-fed, clothed, and safe. We really let our physical appearance become something on the back burner. A mommy makeover is such a nice thing to give moms."
- Dr. Kelly Killeen


As a combination of procedures, a mommy makeover offers a variety of enhancement and rejuvenation options. Moms can select a combination of surgical and non-surgical options for their mommy makeover experience. Facial rejuvenation, in addition to body contouring options like liposuction, can improve your appearance. Most mommy makeover patients opt for a tummy tuck, which can remove excess skin, improve the appearance of stretch marks, and repair the abdominal wall. Breast surgery is also popular and many patients choose a breast lift, often with implants to restore lost breast volume.

Plastic Surgery Procedures That May Be Included in a Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover

Each mommy makeover patient is different. Our experienced surgeons give detailed, personalized solutions for women seeking results tailor-made for them. A mommy makeover may include the following procedures:

A Mommy Makeover at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery can include any of several types of breast surgery, fat reduction or transfer, and an abdomen-contouring tummy tuck. The goal is to restore pre-baby contours. A Mommy Makeover at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery can include any of several types of breast surgery, fat reduction or transfer, and an abdomen-contouring tummy tuck. The goal is to restore pre-baby contours.
Each Mommy Makeover at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery is tailored to the patient, designed to focus on changes for that specific post-baby body. The suite of procedures may include alterations to the breasts (augmentation or reduction to address size and/or a lift to correct sagging), liposuction to reduce volume in bulging areas, fat transfer to move fat cells to areas where more volume is desired, and a tummy tuck to flatten and contour the belly.


A Mommy Makeover may also include repairing the abdominal muscles. After pregnancy, through weight loss, or with core weakness, patients can acquire a gap between their rectus muscles (sit-up muscles), called a "rectus diastasis." This is often accompanied by an umbilical hernia, where the vertical abdominal muscles have split apart.

This gap causes the abdomen to protrude and can sometimes give the look of an early pregnancy. The condition is most obvious at the end of the day, as the intra-abdominal contents stretch farther through the gap. This can be frustrating, but there is an effective solution.

At Cassileth Plastic Surgery, we repair this condition without the tummy tuck scar. If a patient has a C-section incision, or “Pfannenstiel”, the entire rectus diastasis can be repaired through this incision. For some Mommy Makeover patients, the belly button or "umbilical" access incision works best, and the entire rectus diastasis can be corrected through this well-hidden incision.

A tummy tuck is not necessary to repair a rectus diastasis and is only used in Mommy Makeover patients who also wish to have extra skin removed.


Patient Testimonials

Anonymous' Story

Thank you for giving back to me a very positive body image. People always told me it was an achievement to have lost over 110 lbs, but even after the weight loss, I could not stand to see my stomach… Today I have become a stomach exhibitionist, strutting my flat abdominals for all to see. There have been sightings of my bellybutton all over town. Imagine that!!



Our surgeons recommend patients wait until they are at least 6 months after pregnancy and they are finished breastfeeding before a mommy makeover procedure in Beverly Hills. After 6 months, most women achieve a more stable body weight. It’s also advised that the procedure be done after breastfeeding has been completed, since breastfeeding can affect weight and breast size.

Exercising and eating right before surgery also pays off. Patients living a healthy lifestyle may improve their recovery time after surgery. Getting prepared for surgery may include making lifestyle changes; you may enjoy the benefits and continue this lifestyle for other benefits as well!


Surgical procedures will be performed under general anesthesia. A mommy makeover is typically an outpatient procedure. Patients can learn more about a mommy makeover procedure during a consultation with your surgeon. Your surgeon can answer questions, give advice, and help you make your decision about how to receive the best mommy makeover Beverly Hills has to offer.


After a mommy makeover procedure in Los Angeles, the body needs to heal. A few weeks after surgery, most patients feel ready for light activity. Complete recovery – the setting of incisions, the finalized results, and the settling of skin may take up to 6 months. Factors such as your age, your health, how well you care for surgical wounds, and how extensive your mommy makeover surgery is will affect your healing.3 Some temporary soreness, bruising, and swelling can be expected.

Patients often feel weak and drowsy for days after major surgery, so it's helpful to have a friend or family member around to assist you with carrying out daily tasks. Your sugeon will provide specific instructions on what to look out for, how to care for the surgical site, medications, and other aspects of recovery


Your immediate results may be camouflaged by swelling in the days after surgery. As you heal, your body contours will gradually improve. Ideal results are most commonly visible within months.


Browse our gallery of plastic surgery results and read testimonials to see the real-life difference our work has made on patients just like you, who came to us for help and care.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Makeover

Can I get a mommy makeover even if I don’t have children?

Yes! Many women who are child-free come to us for a “midlife makeover” to help them feel confident and vital as they experience the physical changes that come with age

What are the risks of mommy makeover surgery?

Any surgery has some chance of complications or side effects. Your surgeon will review possible risks, such as bleeding or infection. Following all post-surgical instructions lowers the risk of complications and increases the chances of having a smooth Mommy Makeover recovery with the best possible aesthetic results.

How soon can I exercise after mommy makeover?

Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting—including carrying small children—are discouraged during the first six weeks.

How soon can I drive after mommy makeover?

Driving is allowed at one week if you are off all prescription narcotics. We encourage patients to stop taking all narcotics by one week after any Mommy Makeover procedure.

Will my mommy makeover happen in one operation?

Your treatment plan will vary depending on the number and types of procedures. We will complete all your procedures in one day if it is safe to do so, but more complex treatment plans may require multiple surgery dates.

Will I have scars after mommy makeover?

Your incision placement will depend on your surgical plan and scarring varies among patients. Our surgeons are highly experienced in incision placement to minimize scarring and will also advise you on after-care to help any scarring fade as quickly as possible.

Can I get pregnant after a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover surgery will not interfere with your ability to get pregnant, but we strongly urge you to wait until you are finished with pregnancy and childbirth to have a mommy makeover. If you have more children after your procedure, you may sacrifice your results and require revision surgeries to get back to your desired aesthetic.

How much does a mommy makeover cost?

The cost of a mommy makeover can vary significantly, largely depending on the extent and combination of procedures involved. Factors such as the specific surgical techniques required, the number of areas being treated, and the overall complexity of your surgical plan play a crucial role in determining the final cost. It's important to consult with one of our plastic surgeons to get an accurate estimate based on your unique needs and desired outcomes.

How soon can I have a mommy makeover after giving birth?

New mothers considering a Mommy Makeover should typically wait at least 6 months after giving birth before undergoing the procedure. This waiting period is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows your body time to recover from the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth. Additionally, if you are breastfeeding, it's advisable to wait until you have completed this phase, as the breast size and shape can change significantly during lactation.

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