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5 Stars - Written on November 09, 2023

Staff and dr Hussain were just wonderful! Could not have asked for better care every detail was covered

Maria Boylan Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 19, 2023

I met DR Killeen through Bedford Breast Center and Dr Leslie Memsic for a double DTI mastectomy. Breast cancer is just horrible. But the staff at Cassileth and Dr Killeen were truly wonderful and made the journey much better than I imagined. Dr Killeen did my breast reconstruction and I am very pleased with the results. For me a DTI mastectomy made sense. It's not every woman's choice. I was very nervous about every aspect of surgery. I don't know if I'm the only woman but the plastics portion of breast cancer is a bit of an afterthought when you are worried about cancer. I would be asked questions about my new breasts and I was like a deer in headlights. All I knew was that I wanted what I had. I had no idea how to answer their questions. I did not go in for an augmentation. I never thought of this scenario and lacked all imagination in the moment. It was overwhelming because all I could think about was my pathology post- surgery. Dr Killeen and her team are experienced and seemed to know what I was going through and how I was feeling. She listened to what I could muster up and she delivered. Funny the morning of surgery really stands out. She just walked in talking to me like it was a normal day. It was for her. This is what she does and I can't thank her enough. The results- because after it's all over-- we are left changed in many ways. In some ways you can't see the differences and some you can see. I am unsure how, but my new breasts look almost exactly like what I had. And that's not easy. You don't always get a say in breast reconstruction. I am very grateful for the final result. I am deeply grateful the team listened and were so kind and supportive through the whole process. I highly recommend Dr Killeen. Her work speaks for itself and the office has plenty of before and after to show you. I would say that is very important obviously-- but additionally, the whole team bring so much more to the table. In my opinion if you are a woman making decisions on breast cancer surgical treatments it's a non-negotiable to not have it all. Experts at craft and supportive empathic people. You are worth that. If you are newly diagnosed trust your intuition and do not stop until you feel you have a team/army behind you. You can do this.

Nicole Fynn Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 11, 2023

I love my lip filler and Botox by Aubrey Mench! I like a very natural look for myself and got half a syringe of filler in 2020 but the injector I saw then did not sufficiently numb me. It was a very negative experience pain wise and my eyes were involuntarily watering the entire time! However, I have a few friends who see Aubrey for their filler and Botox and their results are always top tier. I was impressed by how refreshed my friends looked after seeing Aubrey and decided to give it another shot (pun intended). My experience with Aubrey was a night and day difference. I finally understand what people mean when they say getting their lips injected isn’t abject torture. It was virtually painless and I love how chill Aubrey is. She’s super knowledgeable but has the best vibe and makes getting injections done a breeze. 5/5 would recommend!

Molly Teter Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on September 29, 2023

Dr. Min is wonderful!! Not only is she an amazing plastic surgeon, but she immediately made me feel comfortable from the moment I met her. She is professional, personable, and truly listens to her patients. It was important to me to have a female surgeon because I wanted my concerns and insecurities to be understood, and Dr. Min delivered amazing results. Her expertise and attention to detail are truly impressive and she keeps up with the latest research in her field — you’re safe in her hands! The front office staff are also very friendly and helped me throughout the entire process. I especially appreciate Josseline for her attentive care during my appointments and always being available to answer my questions through the Klara app. I highly recommend Dr. Min to anyone looking for a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon.

Ciera L Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on July 18, 2023

Oanh helped me with Botox and lip filler- I am suuuuper happy! She was professional, fast, and listened to what I wanted aesthetically- I got just what I hoped for! Will definitely be coming back!!

Heather Richardson Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on May 12, 2023

From office staff, to medical staff, to Dr. Cassileth - top notch quality in every aspect. ♥️

Gwen Holloway Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on April 03, 2023

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the exceptional care and support I received during my recent surgery. My particular case was complex and emotionally sensitive for me, and I had previously visited many surgeons who I felt were taking the easy way out. However, in my first conversation with the staff at Cassileth, I knew I had found a safe space. Working with Dr. Min and her team was a transformative experience. For the first time in years, I felt truly heard and seen. Dr. Min did not shy away from the complexity of my case and provided me with all the information I needed to make informed decisions. Throughout the entire process - from pre-op, to finance, to post-op - Dr. Min and the supporting staff were generous with their time and sincere in their desire to help me feel at ease. Thank you again for your exceptional care and dedication. I will not hesitate to recommend Cassileth Plastics Surgery (Dr. Min) to others seeking a compassionate and skilled team for their plastic surgery needs.

Maura Christopoulos Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 28, 2023

Bride to be over here! People say don’t do anything dramatic before your wedding but I couldn’t be more happier with Oanh and Sandy!! I can’t wait for my next microneedling appointment!

Maja Ibarra Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on February 14, 2023

Dr. Cassileth, Dr. Memsic, Brenna, Fallon, Star, and the whole team have been nothing but the best. I was initially very scared when I got my positive BRCA diagnosis, but the entire Bedford Breast Center Team turned what could have been a very scary experience, into an experience that was honestly quite positive. I felt and continue to feel so cared for after my double mastectomy! I trusted them with my life, and I would highly recommend that you do the same!!

Sophie Zanders Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on February 06, 2023

I cannot rave about Aubrey here at Cassileth enough! I came in wanting lip filler and Botox for my TMJ and Aubrey exceeded all of my expectations. Our consult was super thorough and she made sure she understood my vision to a T. I had an indented scar in my cupids bow and just wanted a very small amount of plumpness added back into my lips after experiencing some collagen loss. Not only was the experience pretty much painless but my lips look absolutely incredible. As a model my biggest concern was going overboard or looking fake, but Aubrey kept me super natural and walked me through the reasons behind every single thing that she was doing and where she was placing product. She transformed my face into looking like myself again minus a few traumatic years. She is so educated on these procedures and products and will happily answer any concerns or questions with ease and knowledge. Unlike other injectors I’ve met with, she doesn’t push anything on you and is also willing to say no, wish is SO important when choosing an injector. I’m probably going to come back in for a little bit more lip filler in April and i can’t wait, she’s seriously the best and i cannot recommend her enough!

Dana Patterson Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on February 04, 2023

Dr. Minh is such a great doctor. My experience with her at Cassileth Plastic Surgery in BH and the team their was so personal, seamless, and professional at the same time. I’m so grateful I found her in the beginning of this year. Every appointment, my recovery and the treatment overall has been remarkable. Mackenzie, and all of the nursing team are very responsive and supportive with all of my questions too. My reduction has not only been a health change but a lifestyle change too. Thank you Dr Minh!

Morgan Reisel Via Google My Business

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3 Stars - Written on January 03, 2023

I had a breast reduction in august with Dr. Min . She was knowledgeable and confident in her abilities , which made me feel relaxed and safe. My experience on surgery day was extremely professional and fluid. I felt safe initially because the office is made up of mostly women and I thought maybe there would be more compassion and care put into caring for me . I didn’t want to just be another case , I wanted a surgeon that cared about my health & safety . My only issue occurred when Josseline (not sure of her position) made a few micro aggressive comment towards me in my past visits . I brushed the first experience off (she threw a scale down in front of me and my husband after asking how much I weighed) because i didn’t wanna assume without being sure . I wasn’t sure if I was reading into it too much and didn’t wasn’t to assume that she was attempting to be offensive so I just ignored it, but I guess she couldn’t help herself but to continue. I came in for one of my last appointments and she was walking me to the room where they take photographs. She made some mean girls - esque comment about liking my hair . Now this may seem innocent , but I had to wear an awful wig because i couldn’t lift my arms to be able to put myself together and It looked really bad . I was pretty depressed during recovery , it’s not nearly as easy as it sounded like it would be and I drive almost an hour from malibu every time for these appointments so I just didn’t care and didn’t think anyone else would ever be rude enough to comment on that. I could tell she was trying to insult me , but do it in a way that wasn’t outright & after the first weird interaction with her I felt it was intentional. When we went into the room to take pictures I felt mortified having to stand naked in front of her as she says nothing, just points me in whatever angle she needed me to be in for the picture . After that, I felt I’d entered another space where I as a black woman just wasn’t welcome . It’s hard to explain , but you just kinda know when you’re experiencing a micro aggression . I wanted to say this in person in my final appointment , because i thought it would be more effective , but I got into a little car accident and have just been focused on handling those issues rather than scheduling and paying for an appointment to address foolishness . This isn’t any fault of Dr. Min, again , she is extremely professional and kind. I appreciated everyone else’s positive energy . I probably won’t be returning for my final appointment as I drive over an hour from malibu to get here and I just didn’t care for that kind of energy. Recovery was pretty hard on my mental. Be mindful that youre in a position to uplift and help usher women into the next chapter of their lives , you should be honored to be a part of making others feel good. Otherwise, I would 100% recommend this office to anyone seeking beautification .

Leesah M Via Google My Business

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1 Stars - Written on December 08, 2022

I had an implant removal and fat transfer consultation with Dr. Lisa Cassileth.  After the consult she quoted me $32,000 for the entirety of the procedure. She required that I paid the full amount upfront, $32,000, as they didn’t anticipate insurance to cover any portion of the surgery. The Office Manager stated that they would make claims to my insurance for the procedure and assured that if my insurance company paid out, Cassileth would reimburse me my up front payment. The surgery went ok and the initial results were promising.  However, as the months went by, the transferred fat was reduced to pre-surgery levels even though Cassileth promised me 90% retention due to her “proprietary process”.  I reached out and had a follow up consultation. Dr. Cassileth acknowledged the failed surgery and suggested that I do a follow up surgery, requiring me to pay her a large amount of money once again. I then spoke with my insurance company agent who revealed to me that Dr. Casilleth had directly billed my insurance well over $100,000 for my first procedure, of which around $40,000 had already been paid to Dr. Cassileth. My insurance company was quite surprised to find out that I had pre-paid for the surgery. So the math worked out to be that Cassileth received a $32,000 up front payment from me for the procedure, and then was paid again by the insurance in the amount of $40,000. If I hadn’t provided Cassileth with my insurance she would have made $32,000 for the procedure, but because asked for my insurance and successfully billed my insurance she was able to make twice as much on the same procedure, which was around $72,000. Yet, Cassileth’s office never reached out to me about my promised reimbursement. So I had to reach out to her team with this information, and they responded with arrogance and condescension, and tried to use some technicalities as to why they did not have to reimburse me. I opened an ethics inquiry which involved more thorough investigations on Dr. Cassileth’s business practices. In the course of researching her background, the investigators uncovered many complaints about her business practices as well as lawsuits, and complaints of insurance fraud. Had I done more research beforehand I would have chosen a different establishment. Do your research.  If I could do zero start I would.

Brandi Towner Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on November 17, 2022

I tagged along with a friend to see Aubrey. My friend is very familiar with Botox but it was my first time experience. Sandy was extremely welcoming and informative. She checked in with us to make sure we were happy. Aubrey was extremely gentle. I had a great experience I couldn’t be happier.

Nick Avalos Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on September 16, 2022

I love the welcoming environment of this facility. It feels like everyone there is happy and focused on being of service to their clients so going for a visit doesn’t feel intimidating but rather approachable and inviting. I have been seeing Nurse Oanh for over 4 years and she is the only person I trust with my face. She focuses on getting the skin to look as healthy as possible with an emphasis on preventative care for longevity which is just my speed. Meanwhile, every time I go see her, people always ask why I look so refreshed or what I did. She is truly a subtle face sculptor and magician. I highly recommend her to all of my friends and would do the same to anyone who wants to take care of their face.

Taryn Olsen Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on August 19, 2022

The HydraFacial has been thee best thing I have done for my skin! As a person of color with darker skin who and what I choose for my face is a very important decision. Katia has been amazing in her knowledge and care of taking my pandemic wrecked, acne and blemished skin to its current glowing, makeup free state. I can’t say enough how game changing this investment in my skincare has been.

Sharifa Austin Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on August 09, 2022

This beautiful office has a very friendly, and organized staff, which makes your visit very enjoyable. Nurse Oanh is the reason I go here, and I will never let anyone else touch my face! She’s not only the kindest person in the world, but her work is absolutely incredible. She listens to what I want and she perfects it every time. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in so many great treatments, but her injections are a different kind of art. I will forever be a patient and I would refer her to anyone! This place is all around fabulous and it shows in every direction. THE ABSOLUTE BEST!

Erin Budroe Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on June 08, 2022

I have been struggling with acne scars for years and Cassileth Plastic Surgery recommended the Morephus 8. These scars have been one of my biggest insecurities and after 2 treatments my confidence has been better than ever. My friends and family have noticed such a difference and are complimenting my skin now. Aubrey is so incredible and made the process so seamless. She was super knowledgeable and answered any questions/concerns I had. I am so excited for my third treatment of Morephus 8. If you are on the fence about it this is your sign to book the appointment :)

Paige Lorentzen Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on June 01, 2022

I love Dr. Min and her whole team! My experience was unforgettable. Dr. Min is so personable, she listened to all my questions and concerns. She definitely worked her magic on me. No other surgeon will be touching my body!!

Anabelle Diaz Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on April 26, 2022

I had an amazing experience at Cassileth! Right when you walk through the doors you are greeted with such kindness that allows you to relax into the experience. I got Morpheus 8 done by Aubrey and it was such a seamless and rewarding treatment. I am a first timer, and Sandy and Aubrey's thoughtfulness made me feel comfortable and taken care of. Aubrey is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. Her caring and attentive nature made sure that it was an enjoyable experience for me; checking in frequently to see how I was receiving it. Will definitely be going back soon, and recommend it to everyone!

Ariel Toole Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 23, 2022

If you’re seeking a knowledgeable, experienced, talented injector, look no further - Aubrey is a gem! She’s clearly an expert in her field, was able to provide clear explanations of what she was doing. The entire experience felt so comfortable! I cannot rave about her enough. Sandy, her medical assistant is also fabulous - so sweet, caring, and clearly invests her heart into taking care of patients. What an excellent team!

Sooyun S Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 09, 2022

My breasts are perfect! I couldn’t ask for anything more! Dr Cassileth is a kind, brilliant surgeon and a perfectionist. I was a very difficult case. I had saltine implants 19 years ago and had developed stage 3 capsular contracture in my left breast and my right breast was bottoming out. I saw 3 of the top surgeons in LA and felt like crying after each consultation. I could tell they didn’t know what to do. I felt lost, like I was destined to have deformed breasts forever. Then I found Dr Cassileth! After the first consultation I knew 100% that I was in the right hands. She is an expert in capsular contracture and tests the bio film to find out what bacteria is causing it, and exactly which antibiotics will work to address the underlying issue! I was so relieved! I am grateful beyond measure to Lisa and her team! She is worth every penny! I now have the breasts I had always dreamed of!

Rikka Zimmerman Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 26, 2022


Katerina Kraz Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 20, 2022

After having my bad batch of injectors for my lips, I’m so happy I found Aubrey on Instagram and got taken care of by her at Cassileth! We dissolved my previous filler, and she brought my faith back to my small lips and took the most time sculpting them than I’ve had with any other injector. She has such an eye for detail and even did a lip flip for me just because she has an eye for this stuff and no other injector has ever been that thoughtful about the shape of my lips. I will certainly be going back to her over and over again! Everyone at Cassileth is so kind, the place is very clean, and I trust that they’ll always point me in the right direction when it comes to enhancing features. The internet always says “do your research before doing this!” and I previously ignored that mantra - let’s just say this is a sign from me, if you’re looking for quality, it’s Aubrey and Cassileth! Don’t make the same mistake I did, start here before wasting time and money. Thank you Aubrey and the girls at Cassileth!

Chrystyna Strumbos Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 29, 2021

Incredible experience with the highest quality staff! They are always kind and professional, as well as highly skilled. I really feel cared for when I am there!

Michelle Powell Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 31, 2021

Dr. Cassileth and her staff were outstanding! I had a double mastectomy with a SWIM reconstruction and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Cassileth and her staff were very professional and truly amazing at their craft. I always felt cared for during every step of the process. I only wish that every woman could have such wonderful care when having to face a mastectomy due to cancer.

Kristi Kvist Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 18, 2021

Aubrey at Cassileth Plastic Surgery, is amazing! I’ve always wanted to get my lips done. I have paid for consults at other places and never had anything done because something was always off and had bad feelings!! Until one of my friends recommended Aubrey. It has been the best decision ever made! I love, love, love my lips!! Aubrey really takes the time to hear you out on what concerns you and will give you her input. And the results are just wow! As a first timer, I was asking a lot of questions, and she answered all of them. Her energy is so welcoming too! If you’re looking for someone for any lip filler or Botox, I highly recommend her! I don’t usually rate places, but I just had to because I’m very happy with the results. Thanks Aubrey!!

alendy galindo Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 15, 2021

I have been getting Botox for so many years, but never as good as with Aubrey! Her skill and aesthetic eye is amazing and she is so gentle. I love my results and would highly recommend her as the ONLY one who should be your Botox go to! Thank you Aubrey and I will be back over and over!

Alexandra Boyd Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 14, 2021

Aubrey was absolutely amazing!!! She made me feel so comfortable and was so knowledgeable about what she was doing. She explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable with what she was doing! If you are looking for natural results please see her she is the best!

Marisol Avendano Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 13, 2021

Dr. Min executed and left no casualties..I had breast reduction surgery with Dr. Min and I can not find one flaw she literally left me perfect! Dr Min and her team are exemplary. I couldn’t be more please with the process from start to completion.

Sharifa Williams Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 08, 2021

Aubrey is excellent! She is very knowledgeable and skilled at what she does- highly recommend!

Brenna Hennessey Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on September 29, 2021

Prior to our consultation Dr.Min was highly recommended to us. During our first visit she explained every detail, answered all of our questions and made myself and my daughter feel comfortable. The entire staff from the moment you enter the lobby were very welcoming and friendly! The assistant was also very knowledgeable. I also want to mention that they were very punctual and you did not have to wait. They were consistent with this. We drove over an hour each way and it was worth it. After my daughters surgery they checked in daily and would answer any questions we had. Dr.Minh was very meticulous! One last thing they are very thorough and organized which helped a great deal. We always knew where we needed to be each step of the way. We are very happy with the results! Thank you Thank you! We are very grateful! Kelly

Kelly Mada Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on September 28, 2021

For someone that has been postponing botox for over 3 year out fear of pain and not the right result I have to say that my experience at Cassileth was 1000/10 I couldn’t be happier, from the friendly supportive staff, the very professional doctors, everything went beyond expectations for my first time getting botox, they listened to my concerns and give me confidence to do it. I would go back with no hesitation and I’m not afraid of getting botox anymore! I look better that I ever imagined.

Isabel Carmona Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on September 13, 2021

There are not enough nice things I can say about this place and the people who work there. I had a considerable amount done to my face and in the first session I wasn’t very happy with it. They were willing to alter the treatment plan to meet my needs because they were concerned about me being happy with the results. It doesn’t really get much better than that! Keep in mind when you are working with a facility like this you get what you pay for. So they are well worth the cost!!!

Gina Stickley Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on September 13, 2021

Dr.Min is unbelievable. Not only is she an outstanding doctor she has a superior aesthetic eye. She is personable, patient, and will exceed your expectations with results and aftercare.

Diana Melkumova Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on August 27, 2021

My daughter is a 17 years old patient, of a breast reduction procedure. Dr. MIN and her team are without a doubt flawless. It's been 6 weeks and scars are barely noticeable. Dr. Min makes the greatest effort to mantain a minimalist aproach when it comes to scaring, and she is excellent at it. Pain was minimum to none with a great pain control plan that she designs for the patient. The work of a great team, and excellent skilled hands of the surgeon. Pristine surgical work performed. I understand the importance of researching what doctor to chose before a procedure, specially if that is going to be done to our loved ones. After comparing, contrasting, and researching, we decided on Dr. Min, and I can assure you, it was the best decision we could ever made. Her personal choices on the health care team and surgical location are absolutely flawless. After 6 weeks from the surgery, the recovery and scars are now at the level of 6 months post surgery state, and that talks about a gentle and precise hand of a surgeon.

vari L Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on August 19, 2021

I had explant surgery at Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care a week ago and would like to give a HUGE thank you to my amazing surgeon Dr. Min and her team, Halliday and Josseline. From the moment I walked into Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, I knew I’d be in good hands. For the first time ever, I felt like a doctor actually listened to me and genuinely cared about both my physical and mental health. I was truly blessed with the best surgery center I could of ever asked for. There are no words to describe the immense gratitude I have for this amazing group of women. Thank you a million times!

Karina C. Browning Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on July 16, 2021

For a really long time, I’ve always wanted to get a breast reduction, but didn’t know exactly how to and where to start. The journey was long, but it all fell into place after the first moment I met Dr. Min. She goes above and beyond for her patients. I unfortunately had to postpone my surgery date a week due to getting sick and Halliday, Dr Mins amazing patient coordinator was so kind and quick to reschedule-but her main concern was for me to get better. Going into surgery, I was of course very nervous, but Dr Min and the nurses were more than my medical team-their bedside manner was unmatchable. My father and I asked Dr Min if she would spend a few moments with us to pray before surgery and she so kindly said yes without hesitation. Come post op, Dr Min and Josseline have been the most incredible and helpful to me. Something you can’t find a lot these days is fast and true responses from doctors...Dr Min and Josseline always have the answers within the moment I have my questions for post op. They care so much for their patients and only want the recovery process to go smoothly. I was very lucky I had not one ounce of pain throughout my whole recovery. I’m going to be 6 weeks out next week and I feel I am so many weeks ahead of that. If you are looking for a wonderful, talented beyond words, caring, and personal surgeon, treat yourself and go with Dr Min and her team. I promise, you will be thanking yourself you did. Thank you, Dr Min, Halliday, Josseline, and the whole Cassileth family for transforming my life. Thankful isn’t enough.

Peri Cherashore Via Google My Business

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1 Stars - Written on July 09, 2021

I contacted this office with hopes of seeing Dr Killeen for surgery after seeing her on Dr 90210. I scheduled my consult which was $300 due day of consultation and after speaking with her scheduling coordinator, I even scheduled my surgery with her in order to get the perfect date which required a refundable deposit of $1000. After a few weeks of speaking with other doctors, I decided I would cancel my appointment with Dr Killeen two weeks before my scheduled consultation. I called into the office and confirmed that my consult with her would be cancelled as well as cancelled my surgery. I was told that I would not be charged the $300 for the consult and that my $1000 deposit would be refunded back to me. Not in the form it was paid (credit card) but that I should receive a check in the mail within the next 3 weeks. Now it has been a month since I called and cancelled everything and still have not received my refund back. I have called the office and each time I am told that the lady that handles this is busy and will call back however I have not received any returned calls. After calling again today, I was told that the lady that handles this issue placed a note on my account yesterday to request a refund. At this time I am very upset and disappointed because that request should have been placed weeks ago. How is it that when someone request a service from your company you expect money upfront but when the service is not provided it takes months to provide the payment back?? Because of this I would not suggest this office to anyone. Until they can get their accounting department together and return calls and payments, they can forget having me as a customer now or anytime in the future. If I could I would give them less than 1 star!

Tiarra Sanders-Hausa Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on July 08, 2021

Such a lovely, warm environment! My facial with Katia was AMAZING! So relaxing and my skin LOVED it! Looking forward to my next one!

Connie Brown Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on July 07, 2021

Dr. Killeen is absolutely fantastic! I've been so impressed by her skill and expertise - by how current her knowledge of the industry, techniques, procedures, and products is - and by her patient care. She's amazing and the staff at Cassileth is top notch!

Ryan Daniel Dobson Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on June 25, 2021

Luc gave me the post-Covid update I needed! He did a great job with my lip filler and Botox- and now I’m ready to join the world again! I’m so happy! Thanks Luc Lucas!

heather richardson Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on June 23, 2021

I have been seeing Luc Lucas for the care of my skin. I trust him explicitly. He is a complete artist and a master of his trade. My skin is the best I have ever had in my entire life. His morpheus8 Micro-needling procedure is a complete game changer and his Botox placement is on point. I highly recommend Luc to anyone looking to improve themselves.

Sarah Irby Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on May 26, 2021

I had an AMAZING Hydrafacial with Katia! I have very sensitive skin and she was so gentle and made sure that I was comfortable the entire time. My skin is absolutely glowing! I can't wait to go back-- I might even try some of their other services!! Thanks so much to Katia for giving me the best facial I've ever had. Do yourself a favor and come check out Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care!!

Tiffany Chan Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on May 21, 2021

Aesthetician Katia: is taking care of my face for over two years. She is very professional with great skin knowledge. Highly recommend to use her. Office has a friendly staff, and a great atmosphere.

Mariola Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on April 26, 2021

I got the best result I have ever got from botox and fillers with Luc.. I got botox for my crows feet (horrible name i know.. ) and I got the best results ever! I also got fillers to correct asymmetry in my lips and all the dumps I had before are gone. Luc has such a natural gift for seeing exactly what you need. He is approach is subtle and makes sure everything is symmetrical and natural looking. The entire time I felt like I was getting top of the line service, starting from the numbing process till the end. I highly recommend it here.

Sara Lemus Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on April 26, 2021

Hi, I am twelve years old and I have acne. Katia does the best acne facials! She is super nice, the facial does not hurt (I was afraid it would hurt), and my face feels so clean after the facial. I like trying on makeup and it looks so much better when my skin is clean and clear. Thank you Katia, you are the best! :)

Magical Froggy Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on April 16, 2021

I had such a great experience with Luc, the nurse injector at Cassileth. He did such an amazing job with my face! I was not exactly sure what I wanted but I felt like I looked old and tired. Luc was so kind and encouraging. He asked me a lot of questions before he injected me and he was able to figure out exactly what I needed. He did some Botox and also some filler in my cheeks and lips. I look rested and refreshed and really natural. So happy, I will be back for more! Also, the office is beautiful, the staff I encountered were all very friendly, and parking was easy (that's not nothing in Beverly Hills!). A special thank you to Alessandra who was super sweet and who hooked me up with some discount programs so that I can save money at my next visit. Much appreciated! Overall, a 5+ star experience.

Katherine Kirkpatrick Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on April 08, 2021

I went to see Luc about my double chin and lack of jawline. I wasn’t interested in doing injectables to make a jawline & Luc is so super knowledgeable, he suggested doing a combo of morephues & reserfix. WOW! What a difference that made! 3 weeks later with minimal downtown I have the most amazing jawline, defined cheekbones & lifted eyes! My double chin is gone & I look 15yrs younger. I’m so thankful to Luc and will only entrust him with my face moving forward!! Thank you so much to the whole team at Cassileth Med Spa.

Crystal Shipp Via Google My Business

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4 Stars - Written on April 02, 2021

I cannot say enough great things about my recent visit to Cassileth Medspa with their master injector Luc Lucas. Not only is he sweet and fun but he is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced with injectables and lasers. He gave me one of the most thorough consultations I have ever had, and my results are so natural! I am so happy! I was scared when he told me I needed four syringes of filler to get my desired natural results, I didn’t want to end up looking over done. I am so glad that I listen to him, he achieved exactly what I wanted. I look well rested and my skin texture looks smoother and more plump. Since seen Luke, I’ve been getting so many compliments and how great my skin looks, and I have been telling everyone to go see him. He is great!!

Rhonda Gold Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 31, 2021

This review comes from someone that had never had filler or Botox before…and, I’m 55. So, this was definitely a new adventure for me. I noticed that a coworker of mine that looked ‘refreshed’ and younger one morning at work, and she told me she had been treated by Luc Lucas at Cassileth MedSpa. I loved how natural her results were so I decided to reach out to Luc and see what options he might offer for me. I was pretty nervous and had no idea what to expect and wondered if getting filler or Botox would be painful. I felt immediately welcomed at Cassileth MedSpa by Luc and the staff. Luc took the time to listen to my concerns - it was very important to me that whatever I had done looked natural. He answered all of my questions and decided on a plan. He explained everything he was doing along the way and regularly checked in to make sure I was feeling okay; it didn’t hurt at all! I am so pleased with the results. I look so refreshed, and I have noticed that my makeup looks so much smoother especially around the eye area. I highly recommend Luc for anyone who wants a natural look!

Becca Leland Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 30, 2021

Katya and her amazing hands are out of this world, the whole experience from this facility was stress free and friendly. I felt like they had the best interest in mind for me and Katya really took care of me. From the facial to the face massage afterwards, I came out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of my week! Definitely would recommend to anyone wanting the best experience in the Beverly Hills area.

Melissa Jackson Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 26, 2021

I had an amazing Visit with Luke the pro master injector!!!!! He assessed my lips and made them symmetrical!!! We did a light brow lift also with some Botox. My face looks so even and fresh I couldn’t be happier with my results. Not only was he friendly he was very professional and honest. He did recommend some top of the line skincare products that have made my face feel so moisturized and brighter. Highly recommend Luke Lucas!

sandyestefani delgado Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 05, 2021

Cassileth is hands down life changing in the best way possible. She has seen me through multiple surgeries due to cancer, and she is truly a miracle worker. Her office, her team and her work are paramount and every other doctor i have seen always comments that my surgery results are outstanding and quite frankly, unparalleled. In addition to her expertise and artistry - she has a fantastic personality. I have had the unfortunate reality of cancer twice. And she is always honest, straight-forward, but loving at the same time. And most of all, funny! She's a rare combo and one I am 100% convinced you will find nowhere else. Maybe most importantly, she is that rare kind of person that always wants to innovate and create the best for patients. For this reason she is never just "satisfied" and instead is cutting edge on surgery techniques and will truly work tirelessly to deliver perfection. When you need a surgeon - it is exactly what you want. A huge heart, a curious and intelligent mind, and magical hands. I could not recommend Cassileth more.

Chanel Valdes Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on March 02, 2021

Thank you Luc!! you are AMAZING! I am loving my results after just one Morpheus treatment! I couldn't thank you enough! my jaw line looks so much more defined and contoured. You truly are a Master at Lasers treatments AND injectables.

Haide Cano Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on February 25, 2021

Luc is the best! I had a divet on the tip of my nose from a procedure by my dermatologist, and Luc thoughtfully explained treatment options to me. He skillfully injected filler into the tip of my nose and used a laser to help resurface the area. My treatment was pain free, and I had immediate results.

henry ricciuti Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on February 08, 2021

By far the best facial I have ever received! KATIA, definitely knows what she's doing! The most amazing experience! KATIA is so incredible, gentle, and clean!!! My face feels great after her facial. I love the way she does extractions. Thank you so much, the entire team of Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care! Can't wait for my next appointment. Also, special thanks to Luc! He welcomed my concerns and desired objects in my first visit, then thoughtfully described his recommendations and what those procedures would entail. Looking forward to my next treatment and have already recommended many of my friends to him.

Jaymin unadkat Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 29, 2021

I had severe sun damage to my face from outdoor activities over the years. Luc recommended IPL and I'm beyond thrilled with the results! He is extremely knowledgeable. Luc did an excellent job communicating throughout the entire process and made me feel very comfortable in the Medspa. He is the consummate professional! Oh, and did I mention he rocks the cool suits!!

Jeff York Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 27, 2021

I’m so happy with my treatment from Luc. My results are incredible. The skill set and knowledge that he displayed really helped my comfort level during the procedure. A+ would recommend.

Ryan Bruno Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 16, 2021

Luc is AMAZING! In my first visit, I was immediately impressed by his professional demeanor and presentation, he was wearing a suit. He listened to my concerns and my desired goals, then thoughtfully explained what his recommendations would be and what those procedures would entail. During the procedures, he explained what he was doing and made sure I was comfortable. My results are natural-looking and I feel and look rejuvenated. I couldn't be more pleased with my results. Looking forward to my next treatment and have already recommended several of my friends to him.

Lauren MacArthur Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 14, 2021

I had an incredible experience with Dr. Cassileth and her team! Everything was easy and comfortable from the very beginning - Dr. C answered all my questions and explained all the options available to me in detail, including the pros and cons of each possible approach. My results are everything I’ve dreamed of and more, and Dr. C and her team were with me every step of the way to make sure I was happy, comfortable, and knew what to expect during each stage. I honestly cannot recommend Dr. Cassileth enough! You couldn’t possibly go wrong if you choose her, she really is the best of the best.

Abbey Leybel Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 08, 2021

There are not enough words of gratitude that I can say that describe Dr Elise Min and Halliday Donaldson. From the moment I contacted Cassileth Plastic Surgery and spoke to Halliday, she was bubbly and very engaging. We spoke about my needs and concerns and matched me up with Dr Min. During that very same conversation with Halliday, I booked my virtual consultation and because I was confident in my research of finding the right surgical establishment to perform my breast revision implant replacement surgery, I booked my surgery date! Halliday had me at “Hello” LOL. Dr Min is amazing! She went over my situation and told me things that would yield better surgical results. No other surgeon I spoke to made the suggestion that Dr Min made that indeed gave me optimal flawless looking results. My breasts look better than they ever were before! Cassileth Plastic Surgery is a top notch facility with top notch medical staff. The extra bonus that I found no other surgical center offered to their patients is one year of medspa treatments for incision sites, complimentary facial and a bottle of personalized skincare. I feel so blessed and thankful to have been in the best care at Cassileth Plastic Surgery in Dr Min’s skillful, artistic hands. Dr Min doesn’t just see her patients one time after surgery like most practices who perform breast surgery. She set at least 5 post-op appointments! I know without a doubt Cassileth Plastic Surgery takes pride in the work they perform and genuinely care for their patients. Again, Thank you Dr Min and Halliday for making this the best decision and experience I have ever had!

Larita Manalili Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 07, 2021

Katia was very knowledgeable and professional during my treatment. I will be returning for a follow up very soon :)

Andrew Rodrguez Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 05, 2021

The entire team at Cassileth Plastic Surgery is amazing! I recently went in for a Morpheus8 Micro-needling procedure on the face and the Med Spa Team was phenomenal especially Luc. He provided exceptional care for me throughout the entire process from start to finish. He took his time to evaluate my skin and proved to be extremely knowledgable about skincare. Luc made me feel very comfortable and has created a treatment plan to continue to improve my skin.I could not be happier with my Morpheus8 results, I now have smooth, healthy glowing skin! Thank you so much!

Luis Reyes Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 31, 2020

My friend referred me to Dr. Cassileth and her wonderful staff, and I could not be happier! The entire team is amazing. I go to see Albina and have found that her expertise and care is second to none. Their office is beautiful and conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills. I highly recommend this wonderful and professional Doctor.

Lee LaPlante Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 31, 2020

10 stars, Albina is the best! Great services and products

vicki lynn Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 21, 2020

Dr Cassileth and her amazing staff, office, and colleagues are outstanding. I spent over a decade trying to accept a body with scars and extra skin. I was healthy and strong, but still obsessed over the craziness that pregnancies, c-sections, and complications can leave on our bodies as women. I was also aware that surgeries had risks and why would I do that? The experience that I had with Dr Cassileth was perfect. There was no pressure to go forward with surgery, she gave less Invasive options, and answers all questions. The surgery, anesthesiologist, abs nursing staff at the surgery center were also amazing. I needed nothing more than ibuprofen and Tylenol following the procedure and the outstanding knowledge of Carollee, who checked in multiple times a day made the recovery seemless. Plastic surgery is a big decision and everyone should get this amazing care.

rob riechmann Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 16, 2020

I had the best experience at the MedSpa with Albina! I received Ultherapy and am obsessed with my results. So worth it. The entire team was so nice, it's a gorgeous office, and I felt so well taken care of.

rachel rhoads Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 16, 2020

I went to Dr. Min for a breast augmentation and couldn't be happier with my results! My breasts look so natural, and I love my new size (23 yo, from 34 A cup to 34 C cup). Dr. Min is very sweet and made me feel comfortable and well taken care of throughout the process. She took the time to address my concerns and cover any potential risks. Initially, I came to her for a breast fat transfer because I was concerned about having implants. After weighing the cons between both procedures, I decided to go with implants. One thing I am grateful for is her honesty. Although I like the idea of BFT, it could damage my milk ducts and prevent me from breastfeeding in the future. This was one of my main deciding factors for switching to implants. All in all, I had a great experience, and I am very happy with my decision. Definitely see Dr. Min!

Shyla Rae Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 13, 2020

Cassileth Med Spa is the best! I've always heard great things so I finally decided to come in for some injectables (filler/Dysport). They are extremely covid safe with temperature checks at the door and everyone in masks. The staff were all super knowledgeable and friendly answering all my questions. I had such a great experience and will definitely be coming back. I'm so happy with my results I couldn't recommend this place more!

Nicole Wong Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on December 05, 2020

Dr. Min is amazing! She is not only knowledgeable but willing to explain everything and put you at ease. On top of that she is so sweet!! Picking her as my surgeon was by far the easiest choice. Halliday and all the staff made this experience even better; they go out of the way to help with answering questions as much after the surgery as they did before. I truly cannot say enough great things about this place and Dr. Min!

sonia babian Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on November 25, 2020

Feel so fortunate to be under such great care with Albina. She listens and really cares about her patients. You don’t feel rushed and she takes as long as you need. And also taking tremendous detail in making sure everything is continually disinfected as well. The rooms and decor are exquisite. Everyone on staff is warm and welcoming. Definitely ask for Albina who works miracles with her hands!

Audrey Liverant Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on November 24, 2020

I want to give you a quick and sincere review of Dr. Cassileth, but I may have difficulty finding the appropriate words to give her the praise she deserves. She is well known as a highly skilled & professional physician. She is direct and honest about her ability to help her patients. She is multitalented in her knowledge & many skills to provide needed treatment. As each patient has different needs .. she is completely honest in the expected results for a patient’s desire or medical need. You will note that her patients rave about her ability to improve their appearance. However, she had the ability to literally change my life!! I was referred to her by another respected surgeon that knew I was desperate for help. I had a minor biopsy surgery three years before I met Dr. Cassileth. About a year after that surgery I had a growing pain that I knew was real but there was no reason for it.. or at lease that was what I was told. As the pain grew it literally consumed my life .. on one hand you think you are losing your mind and then you KNOW the pain is real and there is a cause. Eventually after a total of two years, I was fortunate enough to consult with a physician that cared and believed me no matter what the “tests” indicated. After then meeting with Dr. Cassileth .. it was like the storm clouds parted .. after so many appointments of “I’m sorry I don’t see indication of what you are describing”. After her surgery I am a changed person. There is no need for detail .. but these two physicians that took the time to listen and went beyond to repair my body and my life. I’m now pain free! It really was miraculous for me. Dr. Cassileth is a exceptional gift & I cannot praise her enough.

sherryl hayes Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on November 23, 2020

My face always feels brand new after I get my facial with Katia. I always have a great experience!!! And always looking forward to my next facial appointment. Thank you Katia for always taking care of my skin.

claudia martin Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on November 19, 2020

I can’t gush enough over the entire team at Cassileth Plastic Surgery. After being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer I had my double mastectomy and Direct-to-Implant breast reconstruction from Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Memsic. It felt amazing to wake up after surgery with breasts that looked beautiful! I cannot thank Dr. Lisa Cassileth and her team enough for making me feel like family, and taking such good care of me. I especially loved the take home tote with magazines, super soft socks and other goodies to make the post op time more comfortable. I have also been a patient of the Med Spa for a while, and Albina is so masterful at what she does! She also helped me find a new skincare routine with Skin Ceuticals products, and it is a game changer. My skin has never had such an even texture, and I’m so happy with my results. I am so grateful to Cassileth Plastic for slowing down my aging process. 😀

Mirjam Wertheim Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on November 19, 2020

I can not say enough about this place nor the Bedford Breast Center. Dr. Cassileth is not only talented as a surgeon, but she is a very caring person and she "gets it" like no other. If you need anything, both Cassileth Plastic Surgery and the Bedford Breast Center WILL help. I would refer anyone here for the most amazing care!

Holly Lucille Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 28, 2020

I had a bilateral mastectomy and months later breast implants from a provider that I feel didn't care what I wanted. Luckily, I found Dr. Killeen and she listened to my concerns and understood my needs. I am so grateful for her compassion and expertise. She performed several fat graftings and nipple reconstruction. The staff always checked in on me after each procedure to make sure I was doing ok. I am 100% satisfied with the results.

Sandra Aguilar Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 08, 2020

This being my first time to Cassileth Plastic Surgery, I was so impressed! I started the day with an unbelievable facial from Katia. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone. It was so relaxing. She explained to me the different treatments and what my skin needed. It was such a special treat! The next day I spent with Albina. She was amazing and so patient with me. She used Botox and fillers on my face. I loved that she was so gentle and made me look and feel refreshed! So many people are careless when they are injecting botox and fillers. I felt safe and comfortable knowing that Albina knew what she was doing. Over all.. it was a wonderful experience! Shoutout to my niece..Dr. Kelly Killeen. So proud of you and all of your accomplishments! It makes me happy to see the wonderful people that you get to work with everyday..

Suze Killeen Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on October 08, 2020

Today, I received a call from Fallon, Dr. Cassileth’s Patient Coordinator, and I had to write a review and commend them for such an amazing customer service. It’s been a while I had been to the office, and she called to check on me, showing real interest, patience and kindness. I was truly impressed. Be certain that if you do come here, you’ll receive a personal and incredible customer experience. I am so grateful for this Clinic , Thank you 😊 MC

Jujuba Verde Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on September 17, 2020

Dr. Killeen and her team provided exceptional care for me throughout the entire process from start to finish. Every staff member I encountered made me feel at ease and confident that I chose the best surgeon and team for my surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Killeen and her staff!!

Kian Elansary Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on August 10, 2020

After a couple years of searching I hit gold. Dr Lisa Cassileth is an amazing surgeon. As a breast cancer survivor with prior implant reconstruction I ended up with stage 4 capsular contracture. Every doctor I had seen or talked two offered me the same options I had 13 years ago. Dr. Cassileth is on the leading edge. With Covid lockdown my first meeting was by telehealth video call. Over a couple months all my questions were answered, we drove 1200 miles, met her in person the day prior to surgery. I wish I could broadcast what a great experience I had with her entire staff and what a personable surgeon she is. Being a woman, I truly appreciated a female surgeon that could understand my concerns as she did. Without a doubt I made the right decision and highly recommend Dr Cassileth. I am so happy with the results, my pain is gone, my muscles are repaired, the capsule removed. If I knew her and her techniques were available when I got diagnosed in 2007 I would have gone to her but I am grateful for a technique she was involved with early on and have benefitted from her talent, skill and she's given me so much more back in the process.

Heather Andrade Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on July 31, 2020

I had the best experience at Cassileth. Doctor Killeen was amazing. She was personable, professional, honest and accessible. I interviewed two other Doctors and was thrilled with my decision to work with Dr.Killeen. The staff at Cassileth is outstanding. Everyone there is knowagable , friendly and happy to share their own experience. I honestly cant say enough about this wonderful group of professionals!

Lynn Evans Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 29, 2020

WOW! If you are looking for natural facial enhancements to help you feel rejuvenated and give some life back to your face, then Albina is your gal! Albina Filatoff, RN is a Laser and Injectable Specialist and just a delight to be around! She not only has the softest touch but she truly listens to what YOU want and what makes YOU happy! She allows you to guide the appointment as she masters her craft. She was born to do this! I’m obsessed and would recommend her to anyone // everyone for fillers, toxins, lasers and just life!

Jessica Lehmann Via Google My Business

white quote icon
5 Stars - Written on August 27, 2018

Dr. Killeen is amazing! She is down to earth and professional and will answer any and all questions. Her staff is knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. I am so thankful to have found such a lovely place. Thank you!!!!!

michele ziman Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 12, 2017

After a year of contemplating, researching and having over 5 consults I finally decided to get a breast augmentation last October 2016 with Dr. Killeen. I was very nervous leading up to the day of surgery. Dr. Kileen and her staff has been exceptional. Jade the office manager was attentive and always answered my questions. I have to say I am a very neurotic patient and need a lot of handholding when it comes to surgery. Dr. Kileen is an excellent surgeon and she assured me that would give me natural looking breast with the volume I was looking for. I went from 32b to 32 d. I am 3 months out from surgery and all my friends say I look great. I am glad I finally did it. .

jewelry1978 Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on May 18, 2016

Friendly, professional staff. caring Dr and amazing results. highly recommend this practice.

Lara Lovett Via Google My Business

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5 Stars - Written on January 09, 2016

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a very daunting experience. Most important is to learn early on to be your own advocate. After interviewing 5 surgeons in the area, from UCLA, Cedars, and several private practice docs, I chose Dr Cassileth, her knowledge, experience and skill was most impressive. she does not believe in cookie cutter procedures! Her ingenuity to fine tune her craft and skills, earns her tops in her field. She is the plastic surgeon example of a Chef vs a cook! She explained how going direct to implant reconstruction is a very real option at the time of double mastectomy, whether radiation was needed or not. She referred me to a few Surgeons and I chose Dr. Heather Richardson, which she came highly recommended within the community by 2 other plastic docs I had interviewed. See my review for her. Dr Cassileth's exemplimary staff starting with Desiree and Kati at the front desk, Jane, Sonya, PA Kaitlan and her partner Dr Kelly Killeen. They all took the best care of me. A huge asset to her practice is RN Coralee, she is with you every step of the way post op available 24/7 and makes house calls. I honestly believe, due to the care and treatment I received, am receiving, plays a major role in my positive attitude to fight this disease, my great pretty new boobies and also my passion to educate other women who are newly diagnosed. God Bless my angels.

Linda Ponzi Via Google My Business

white quote icon
5 Stars - Written on November 26, 2013

Wow. Dr. Cassileth and Dr. Memsic together performed my bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I would take my daughter or mother to them which is the highest review I could offer. They and their staff were personal, professional, attentive, and excellent. Our whole family is grateful that God's peace led us to this team.

Alicia Britt Chole Via Google My Business

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