Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body Burst

Harnessing the dual power of radio frequency and microneedling technology, Morpheus8 and Morpheus Body Burst are considered the crème de la crème of minimally invasive skin tightening and skin resurfacing procedures for the full body. Morpheus8 It is the first and only FDA cleared treatment that provides deep tissue remodeling up to 4mm and Morpheus Body Burst penetrates to a depth of 8mm.

What to expect from a Morpheus procedure?

The procedure begins with the application of a local anesthetic to the treatment area to ensure your comfort. Patients wishing to take pain medication and/or ProNox to increase their comfort may due to as well, if they have a ride scheduled post-procedure. For Body procedures, tumescent is also administered to the treatment areas to allow for the deeper penetration with comfort. Once numb, your provider will use the Morpheus device all over the treatment area(s). The treatment will conclude with your provider applying topical post-procedure creams to aid in healing and comfort and will review post-procedure instructions.

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What is the recovery post-procedure?

Patients can expect to see an immediate improvement following a single Morpheus treatment within one-month post-treatment. Most patients experience little discomfort, other than a sunburn-like feeling to treated areas for a few days, and can resume regular activities within a day. Redness, swelling, and scabbing to the treated areas are normal, and will subside gradually.

How many treatments will I need?

While many patients do see results within one month after their first session, we recommend at least 3 treatments to the same area to achieve desirable results. The effects of the treatment improve with time and accumulate with multiple sessions.


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