Dissolve Unsightly Varicose and Spider Veins in Beverly Hills

Sclerotherapy at Beverly Hills' Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care is a treatment that involves injecting a special solution that is formulated to collapse "spider veins." Also known as telangiectasia or venulectasias, spider veins are enlarged vessels near the surface of the skin, so named because they resemble red, blue, or purple webs. These fine networks of lines can appear anywhere on the body, but are most often found on the legs, and sometimes the face. (Thicker, ropier visible vessels are known as varicose veins.)

Weight gain, heredity, pregnancy, hormonal changes, trauma, and prolonged sitting or standing are all factors that contribute to the development of visible veins. While staying active can provide some measure of prevention, varicose and spider veins are common and frequently unavoidable. Sclerotherapy treatments irritate these unneeded vessels, causing them to shrink and dissolve—with no ill effects to the overall circulatory system. Particularly small veins, or veins very close to the surface, are better treated with IPL vein therapy.

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