BOTOX® Cosmetic at the Los Angeles area’s Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care is an injectable treatment that creates smoother, younger-looking skin by temporarily weakening the muscles that cause facial wrinkles when they contract. The treatment can be performed on its own to address a single area of the face where signs of aging are especially visible, or it may be combined with other options for an overall rejuvenated look.

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Hannah’s story

Aubrey is the only person I will ever let touch my face. I go to her for Botox and every single time it’s perfect!! She makes you feel so comfortable, numbs your face and her technique makes it so painless. I feel like a new person every time I see her (in the best way possible). And all of the women who work there are the nicest ever. Love this place so much!

Benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic

BOTOX Cosmetic by Allergan is FDA approved to reduce the appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead lines, frown lines, and the fine lines next to the eyes known as crow's feet. Years of use by medical professionals have established that injections can also treat the lines on the sides of the nose (sometimes referred to as "bunny lines") and soften pesky vertical upper lip lines (often called "smoker's lines") and frown lines. In addition to treating upper lip lines, the injectable can be used for a BOTOX "lip flip" that creates a subtle lift to a down-turned upper lip. It can also be injected above the brows to create a subtle brow lift, improving brow arch and shape, and drawing attention to your eyes.

More recent applications have shown that BOTOX can be used as a "preventative" measure against certain visible signs of aging. If you start treatments as soon as you notice the formation of subtle expression lines on your face, the effects of BOTOX may be able to help you delay new wrinkles from forming.

BOTOX can also be used for non-cosmetic applications, including chronic migraines, teeth grinding, blepharospasm (uncontrolled blinking or eyelid movements), strabismus (a condition where both eyes do not line up in the same direction), cervical dystonia (involuntary contractions of the neck muscles), overactive bladder or incontinence, and excessive sweating in the palms and underarms (hyperhidrosis).

BOTOX® at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery is a versatile treatment that can help to improve the look of multiple facial areas. BOTOX® at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery is a versatile treatment that can help to improve the look of multiple facial areas.
Using BOTOX®, our Los Angeles-based team can address several signs of aging, including forehead lines, frown lines between the eyes (11's), and crow's feet—all approved by the FDA. We can also smooth out wrinkling on and to the sides of the nose (bunny lines), soften a square jaw, reduce dimpling on the chin, and make platysmal bands on the neck less visible.

How Does BOTOX Cosmetic Work?

The active ingredient in BOTOX is a protein derived from botulinum toxin type A, then purified. This neurotoxin that blocks nerve signals responsible for contraction of certain facial muscles that cause the appearance of wrinkles like crow’s feet and frown lines.

BOTOX injections are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the United States.1 BOTOX has been studied, tested, and used for both medical and cosmetic procedures for decades, with FDA clinical trials and approvals for a range of applications and millions of treatments performed around the world each year.

Preparing for BOTOX Treatment

Minimal preparation is needed before a BOTOX treatment session. We do recommend that patients refrain from drinking alcohol and using anti-inflammatory medications in the days before treatment, as this can reduce the likelihood of swelling and bruising after the procedure.2

Patient Testimonials

Thu’s story

Nurse Oanh is so good at what she does! She knows her patients more than they know themselves. This is my second time getting Botox and she made me look and feel so natural. My first time was before my wedding, and I had such great pictures because of her. Highly recommend!

Your BOTOX Procedure

Treatment with BOTOX is a fast non-surgical procedure performed in our comfortable Beverly Hills office.

Each treatment session involves the careful and precise injection of BOTOX into targeted muscles. Most people say the sensation is similar to a quick "pinch" on the skin at the injection site. The majority of our patients receive between 1 and 10 injections per treatment session.

BOTOX Recovery

The injection site may appear slightly swollen and red following a BOTOX treatment, with some tenderness, discomfort, or itching to treated areas that will dissipate in the hours and days after a session. Visible results typically start within 24 to 48 hours, with the skin-smoothing effects lasting up to four months.3

Who is a Good Candidate for BOTOX Treatment?

If you are troubled by crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, wrinkles at the side of your nose, or vertical lines above your lips, you may benefit from treatment with BOTOX. The ideal candidate for BOTOX is a person who is in good overall health who is not pregnant or breastfeeding and has no history of medical conditions that impact the neuromuscular system. Each client is different, so the best way to determine whether BOTOX would accomplish the changes you want is to arrange a consultation with one of our injectors.

Why Choose Cassileth Plastic Surgery for BOTOX?

Because BOTOX is so versatile and effective, it is important to work only with injectors who are thoroughly trained and experienced in its use. Many people in non-medical settings, from salons to house parties, may offer BOTOX®, but you can maximize your safety and get the best cosmetic results possible by choosing a professional medical setting for your injections.

Our expert injectors have been carefully chosen by our plastic surgeons and are skilled in advanced applications, using precise micro-injections for results that can make you appear younger and rested, but never waxy or frozen. Our clients tell us that they love the natural, subtle, and wrinkle-banishing results delivered by our trained providers.

Patient Testimonials

Alexandra's Story

I have been getting Botox for so many years but never as good as with Aubrey! Her skill and aesthetic eye is amazing, and she is so gentle. I love my results and would highly recommend her as the ONLY one who should be your go-to for Boto! Thank you, Aubrey, and I will be back over and over again!

Frequently Asked Questions About BOTOX

What are the possible side effects of treatment with BOTOX?

BOTOX injections are considered to be a safe procedure when administered by an experienced injector. Side effects of treatment with BOTOX are very rare, and may include:

What about other wrinkle reducing injectables besides BOTOX?

Many of the signs of aging BOTOX is designed to treat are known as "dynamic wrinkles." Dysport®, another injectable derived from botulinum toxin type A, is also excellent for treating dynamic wrinkles like frown lines. The word "dynamic" here refers to motion, since the lines develop as muscles repeatedly contract over time. Other wrinkles, however, form primarily due to collagen loss and other changes in the skin. These are known as "static wrinkles."

Static wrinkles are best addressed by applications of dermal fillers, such as JUVEDERM®, which add volume below the surface of the skin to smooth out lines. Fillers can also restore youthful contours in areas where volume loss has caused hollows to develop and facial tissues to sag.

Can BOTOX treatment be combined with other procedures?

BOTOX injections are often combined with other treatments, such as laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels that address fine lines and tone problems.

Women and men who want longer-lasting, more dramatic changes to facial contours and skin texture may consider surgery, such as a brow lift or blepharoplasty, instead.

Do men get BOTOX treatment?

Yes! Another benefit in choosing Cassileth Plastic Surgery and Skin Care for BOTOX injections is our team's experience with treatments designed specifically for men. "Brotox" is a popular cosmetic procedure for guys who want to look refreshed in order to gain a competitive edge in the workplace, to put their best look forward on dating profiles, or simply to gain a little more youthful confidence.

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