VECTRA 3D Imaging

Get a Real-Time Preview of Your Surgical Results in Beverly Hills

3D imaging for plastic surgery in Los Angeles

The Vectra 3D imaging system at Beverly Hills' Cassileth Plastic Surgery gives you the opportunity to visualize your proposed surgical results. During the consultation, the medical assistant will take an ultra high-resolution 3D image of you, consisting of six separate images taken simultaneously to capture your face or body from a variety of angles. The surgeon then alters the image to simulate the results of your surgical procedure. They can show you how different breast implant sizes will look, for example, or demonstrate the results of a breast lift, breast reduction, facelift, neck lift, or even filler. Because the image is 3D, you will be able to see the projected changes from every angle.

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What Can VECTRA 3D Imaging Be Used For?

A versatile tool for our surgeons and patients alike, the VECTRA 3D imaging system can be used to preview the results of a wide range of breast, face, and body-sculpting procedures, as well as nonsurgical treatments, such as volume-adding fillers and other injectables. In fact, this system can be used to precisely map the placement and amount of filler needed to achieve your desired results, so you can move forward with confidence, knowing that your ultimate look will be subtle and natural, without the risk of appearing "overdone."

What Are the Benefits of Using VECTRA 3D Imaging During a Consultation?

Vectra for breast surgery

The Vectra 3D imaging system is an incredible planning and communication tool. It allows you to better relay your vision for your cosmetic changes, while enhancing the doctor's insights and recommendations.

VECTRA allows our doctors to capture three-dimensional imaging of a patient's breasts, face, and body—all in 360 degrees. Its ultra-high-resolution color image-capture technology assures razor sharp definition of the smallest details. This level of finesse enables our doctors to provide exact measurements and a realistic outcome during your consultation.

Will I Look Exactly Like My VECTRA 3D Image?

While VECTRA 3D imaging provides an incredibly detailed and accurate representation of your postprocedure results, it is not a guarantee. Unique factors, such as a patient’s healing ability and recovery, will influence and impact the final results of any surgery.

Think of the projected images as the photo accompanying a recipe: If you follow the directions, you will get a final product that looks remarkably like the results shown—with minor, personalized variations, of course.

What the imaging device is best at doing is giving you an idea of what your choice of procedural details—implant size, degree of lift, etc.—can do. You may think you want large implants for a significantly noticeable breast augmentation, but after seeing how the added volume will cause your silhouette to change, you may decide for a more modest increase. Or you may realize it's exactly what you wanted! The point is that you no longer have to wait until after your surgery to see how the change impacted your appearance.

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