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Our team at Cassileth Plastic Surgery knows the importance of putting your best face forward. That's why we offer numerous options for face surgery in Los Angeles. Dr. Omar Hussain is known for his natural results and advanced techniques in face surgery. This is especially important, since a person's various facial features influence each other in terms of proportion, angles, symmetry, and more. Making a change in one area or to one aspect can alter the look of something else, so considering the entire face as a whole is critical for beautiful, long-lasting results.

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Designed to focus on age-related laxity that develops in the lower face and neck, a facelift involves removing excess skin and fat, as well as repositioning underlying tissues as necessary. This type of face surgery elevates tissues to address jowls and improve definition, smooth out creases, and create a firmer and more youthful look. Our techniques were specifically developed to provide a natural-looking rejuvenation, as opposed to an obviously tightened appearance. Often facelifts are done in combination with neck lifts.

Brow Lift

To address aging in the upper face, a brow lift elevates a sagging forehead, refreshes the brow arches, and opens the eyes to provide a more youthful and alert look. For this face surgery, our surgeons prefer the endoscopic technique, which involves small incisions for a less-invasive approach. Certain patients may need a temporal lift, which enhances the look of the tail end of the eyebrows.


Eyelid surgery can be performed on either the upper or lower lids. Technically known as "blepharoplasty," this face surgery can smooth wrinkles and folds, create a well-rested look, and enhance the natural shape of the eyes. Specific techniques can address hooding on the upper lids and bags on the lower lids, with an aim to restore an alert appearance and correct vision impairment due to sagging tissue—all while improving symmetry.


Nose surgery is often thought of as reducing the size of overly large noses, but rhinoplasty is a far more complex procedure that impacts a range of variables. Some patients do want to reduce the size of their nose, while others want to correct asymmetry, alter the size or shape of the tip, widen or narrow the nostrils, or even improve their breathing by creating an unimpeded airway. Dr. Omar Hussain is known for incredibly personalized and natural-looking results.

Ear Surgery

Since the ears frame the face, their size and prominence can greatly impact the look of the facial features between them. Ear surgery focuses on shaping the ears to ensure they are proportional, symmetrical, and not obtrusive. The procedure can also refine earlobes that have elongated or creased over time.

Facial Implants

Face surgery tends to focus on facial contours—especially in relation to the chin, cheeks, and jawline. While fillers can add temporary volume, facial implants represent a longterm solution for correcting asymmetry and creating definition. The implants are 3D printed for truly customized results with an ideal fit.

Chin Augmentation & Reduction

While other facial features tend to get more considerable attention, the chin can greatly impact the overall look of the face due to its prominence—or lack thereof. Chin implants or a chin reduction can alter this bottommost portion of the face as necessary to create a more proportional profile.

Facial Fat Grafting

Many areas of the face can benefit from facial fat grafting, which involves harvesting healthy fat cells from one area of the body where they are plentiful. These cells are purified and refined, then skillfully injected where desired to add volume. The procedure can plump lips, contour the cheeks, and more.

Buccal Fat Removal

In the right places and in the right amounts, fat gives the face a pleasant roundness. Overdeveloped fat pads, however, can cause the face to appear "too soft" or "puffy." Buccal fat removal creates a more angular, better defined look by accentuating the cheekbones and thinning the face.

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Though it is not face surgery, CO2 laser skin resurfacing is mentioned here because its results can greatly enhance the effects of a contouring procedure. Many patients consider combining the treatment with their surgery in order to improve the quality of the skin for a clearer, smoother, more toned, and even look.

Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

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