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Smooth Skin and Open Up the Eye Area with a Forehead Lift in Beverly Hills

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that reduces the signs of aging in the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. It also lifts the brows, making the eyes look more open. A full brow lift at Beverly Hills' Cassileth Plastic Surgery lifts the brow to achieve beautifully refreshed arches and opens the eyes to create a youthful look. This procedure reduces forehead lines, as well as excessive upper eyelid hooding, which contributes to a tired, aged appearance regardless of how energized you feel.

There are multiple techniques used for performing brow lifts. The Cassileth Plastic Surgery team prefers to minimize downtime and incisions as much as possible and therefore opts for an endoscopic brow lift. This less invasive technique uses two small incisions that are made 1 inch away from the hairline into the scalp area, as well as tiny dissolvable implants called Endotines. These hold the brow in the ideal placement as designed by your surgeon and dissolve over time, leaving the muscles and skin stabilized in their new, refreshed position. Shorter incisions mean a shorter recovery time and less scarring than a traditional coronal incision approach, which uses an incision made in a long, headband-type pattern in the scalp, behind the scalp behind the hairline.

We also offer the temporal lift: Two small incisions are made laterally near the temple area. A temporal lift (often considered a mini brow lift) is best suited for patients who are looking to enhance and lift the tail end of their eyebrows and the temple area, or for patients who do not have the downtime available associated with a full brow lift. This approach is often combined with a mini facelift and/or upper eyelid lift.

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Dr. Chang

At your consultation, your doctor will determine which technique is best for you based on the thickness, texture, and elasticity of your skin, the bone structure of your face, the overall appearance of your eyebrows and eyelids, and the position of your eyebrows.

An ideal candidate for a brow lift is any patient in good health who is looking to reduce the heaviness of the brows and has visible signs of aging of the forehead.

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