Non-Surgical Fat Reduction for the Whole Body in Los Angeles

Traditional fat-reduction methods, like diet and exercise, sometimes only give you partial results. Many people trying to slim down find that they get tired of maintaining strict eating regimens and grueling workout routines. This is especially true when their efforts fail to make a noticeable difference in specific areas, such as the belly or below the chin. Using CoolSculpting®, Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery can target isolated pockets of fat for reduction—with no concern of the fat returning after it's gone.

CoolSculpting® is the only FDA-cleared non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to target and freeze fat cells. This rapid cooling crystalizes the fat cells, which then are broken down by the body. The technology driving this process, known as cryolipolysis, was developed and researched at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Our experienced and trained team uses the device and its many applicators to safely provide customized and natural-looking results for a wide range of women and men.

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*Individual results may vary

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Dr. Kelly Killeen is not just an outstanding surgeon and artist, she is also an angel. I had 15+ surgeries to correct an ongoing problem for last 10 years, numerous super-famous doctors worked on me, in different parts of the world, including Geneva, Berlin, etc.. So by the time I got into Dr. Kelly's hands the words "total mess" don't even begin to describe the actual condition of what used to be my breasts. Dr. Killeen, just as regular angel performed a miracle and made everything good again. I love you. There is also nurse Dee who is just incredible human being, here level of compassion, love and care is truly rare. Last but not the list there is a Brit called Jade - she is so beautiful, funny and totally awesome, I will find a reason to come again for some facial peeling or something else simple just to see you guys! I am so blessed to have met these beautiful people, they maybe just part of exceptional medical team, but in my heart they will always be my friends...

What Do CoolSculpting® Treatments Entail?

CoolSculpting® is a premium procedure offered only by top aesthetic medicine providers who have specialized, advanced training. The treatment is best suited for patients who are at or near their ideal weight for their height, but who have a few stubborn areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise.

When you arrive for your CoolSculpting® session, we'll weigh and measure you, then evaluate the specific areas you want treated. Treatments take place in a comfortable reclining chair. We first apply a gel pad to the treatment area, then position the applicator at a precise angle to properly target the fat cells. Fat freezing is selective, because fat cells are damaged by cold at a temperature that is not harmful to skin and other cells in the treatment area.

See how CoolSculpting® at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery involves identifying and treating unwanted pockets of fat, then watching volume in the area reduce. See how CoolSculpting® at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery involves identifying and treating unwanted pockets of fat, then watching volume in the area reduce.
CoolSculpting® at Los Angeles' Cassileth Plastic Surgery involves four stages: First, we identify an area of unwanted fat. Then, we treat the targeted area with a specialized cooling handpiece. Next, the body begins clearing out fat cells killed by the cold. Ultimately, the treatment zone reduces in volume by up to 25 percent.

*individual patient results may vary.

Depending on the applicator used, the targeted tissue may be suctioned and pulled into the device, or a flat panel may be pressed directly against the skin. Either way, you will feel a cooling sensation as the treatment begins. This cooling sensation then changes to a numb feeling for the duration of the treatment.

Each treatment area will cool down for one hour, so we encourage you to bring music, a book, or movie to watch on an iPad or tablet so you can be entertained as you pass the time.

You can resume your regular daily activities as soon as your CoolSculpting® session is over. For the best results, we instruct patients to start massaging the treatment area for five to 10 minutes a day for three to four weeks to assist the further breakdown and reabsorption of frozen fat cells. This daily massage gives our patients premiere results that could not be obtained with diet and exercise alone. There are no incisions to heal or sutures to worry about.

What Results Can I Expect From CoolSculpting®?

Fat reduction after a CoolSculpting® session is gradual, since the body takes time to clear out the cold-damaged fat cells. Many patients notice a significant reduction in fat in the targeted area within a few weeks of their session. Patients can return for repeat treatments to further reduce the volume in stubborn bulges. Ideal contours may require multiple sessions.

What Other Fat-Reduction Treatments Are Available?

Patients dealing with isolated fat pockets often want to know which treatment is best. CoolSculpting® at our Los Angeles office is just one option among many. We provide a range of services to accommodate individual needs. Kybella® is an injectable treatment specifically for reducing a double chin. Minimally invasive BodyTite® is good for tightening some laxity, as well as liquefying fat cells, providing patients with elegant contours and enhanced definition.

Non-surgical treatments typically offer noticeable, but modest results that are revealed over time. For more dramatic results visible more quickly, liposuction surgery is recommended.

Keep in mind that reducing excess fat can create skin laxity, especially in older patients whose skin has lost some of its elasticity and ability to retract along with changes in body contours. Non-surgical Ultherapy is ideal for tightening tissues that moderately sag with age, while various surgical options—such as a tummy tuck or facelift—can address redundant skin due to volume loss.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction for the Whole Body in Los Angeles
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