What Does A Rhinoplasty Consultation Entail?


Our nose sits smack dab in the middle of our face, and maybe some of us don’t want it to be our defining feature, okay? I get it sister. We are not all born with a perfect nose. Perhaps you want an aesthetically pleasing nose and you feel uncomfortable with the one you were born with. Maybe you have a deviated septum or have had a break that you want fixed. I have some of the insider scoop to share with you about solutions. Grab a java or tea, turn on some spa music or Joplin, and let’s chat about rhinoplasty.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and refining the nose. Rhinoplasty corrects asymmetry, humps, lumps , nostrils, high bridges and low bridges this bridge.  It can’t fix your mother in law, but it can give you face balance and harmony. A nose job can also correct a deviated septum, improve your nasal airways, and correct a break. Sometimes it’s just millimeters of an adjustment that can make all the difference in the world, and sometimes it’s a “Take my nose please” kind of situation going on. I love talking all things plastic surgery so let’s dive in.

An beautiful nose must reflect overall harmony, and proportion in relation to the rest of your face right?  Like, I personally am in love with the iconic singer Barbara Streisand’s nose. Plus, Lady Gaga, so pretty to me, but their noses wouldn’t look good on my face.  At least I doubt it would.  I’ll admit that my singing should be saved for the shower. Here’s what I’m trying to say. One ideal nose doesn’t fit all. What may look good on one, looks like something that may hinder another.

What To Expect During Your Rhinoplasty Consultation?

Take full advantage of your time during your initial consultation to ask all the questions you may have regarding your aesthetic goals and rhinoplasty expectations. Let the doctor know what you like and dislike about your profile, nose shape, and nostrils. Discuss any breathing issues you may be experiencing. During your consultation we use 3-D Vectra imaging to show you the possible results from refinements, tip work, and bridge work. You will leave your appointment with an actual visualization of your what your new nose can look like after rhinoplasty. We recommend you make a list of questions for Dr. Chang and bring pictures of people’s noses you like that you think will look good on you. By having this initial information our face specialists can create a custom nose job result that suits your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals.

About Dr. Catherine S. Chang

Dr. Catherine S. Chang is a rhinoplasty expert. She is an Ivy-League trained face and body plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has also specialized in craniofacial She specializes on creating true facial beauty, it’s her thing.

Dr. Chang uses science, art, experience and TALENT during her nose job procedures to create a natural-looking result with the perfect balance and refinement. I have admired the results of her work in other patients, and given the choice, I pick her because of her skill level. She’s number one pick in my top three. Dr. Sunder and Dr. Cassileth are strong contenders. There are a lot of choices when it comes to selection while picking a nose…Doctor.  So when is now a good time to make a consultation with Dr. Chang? I’d say, now.

To learn more about your options with rhinoplasty contact Cassileth Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation with Dr. Chang by calling (310) 278- 8200 or by requesting an appointment online.