Breast Reconstruction

For women who have had or need to undergo a mastectomy, breast reconstruction specialist Dr. Cassileth offers several unique options.

She has pioneered mastectomy reconstruction techniques to assist breast cancer patients who are unhappy with the results of previous breast reconstructions administered by other surgeons. The innovative Cassileth One-Stage Breast Reconstruction procedure, which enables patients to receive a full breast reconstruction and mastectomy in one seamless surgery.

I have every confidence in Dr. Lisa Cassileth. She helped "reconstruct" me during a very challenging breast cancer episode and not just physically. A visit with doctor Lisa is like visiting with your best friend who just happens to be the smartest person you know."

Explore the links below for more information on Dr. Cassileth's Breast Reconstruction techniques:

One-Stage Breast Reconstruction

As a breast reconstruction specialist, Dr. Cassileth's technique allows your breasts to be reconstructed at the time of mastectomy in one single surgery.

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BRCA1/BRCA2 Testing and the Preventive Double Mastectomy

Dr. Cassileth offers BRCA gene testing. This important screening can assist in determining one's risk for breast cancer.

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Breast Reconstruction Revision

Dr. Cassileth sees breast cancer patients every week who have had previous breast reconstructions with other surgeons and who are unhappy with their results.

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Breast Reconstruction Fat Grafting

With fat grafting, Dr. Cassileth creates beautiful results in breast reconstruction using her patient's own living fat cells.

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Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Dr. Cassileth is a specialist in returning breast cancer patients to normalcy with her outstanding results in breast reconstruction, performing hundreds each year.

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Breast Cancer Screening

Did you know that every woman has a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer? That's a scary statistic. However, prevention and treatment and has come a long way.

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Breast Cancer Journey

Every breast cancer patient has a unique journey, and at Dr. Cassileth's office, we are here to help you in any way we can during this difficult time.

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Acellular Dermal Matrix

Dr. Cassileth uses Acellular Dermal Matrix to create a supportive, protective internal bra in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgeries.

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