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6 Critical Questions You Should Ask Your Plastic Surgeon Before Breast Explant Surgery

BY LISA B. CASSILETH MD, FACS Breast implant removal is growing in popularity over the years. It can be difficult to find the right plastic surgeon to perform the removal and ensure that your breasts look good after. Board Certified breast specialist, Dr. Lisa Cassileth, tells us the 6 questions you should ask when selecting …

Dr. Lisa Cassileth Explains What You Need to Know Before Breast Implant Removal Surgery

BY LISA B. CASSILETH MD, FACS Beverly Hills breast specialist Dr. Lisa Cassileth has been performing explant surgeries for over fifteen years. Many patients seek out her expertise when faced with symptoms of breast implant illness and capsular contracture. Read more to learn about the best techniques for breast implant removal and what to look …

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